Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd. CMMS solution

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Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd.

As a drug discovery R&D-type company, the Shionogi Group, under the company policy of "supply the best possible medicine to protect the health and wellbeing of the patients we serve," is engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales activities for OTC drugs and diagnostic agents with the goal of delivering more satisfactory medicines for improving Quality of Life (QOL) of patients and their families worldwide.


Solution introduction background

At Shionogi, the facility maintenance management system eHOZEN, the pr edecessor of eServ, has been used for about 10 years. However, due to the aging of servers and systems, they have begun considering renewing the system with the latest one. When considering this, suggestions from several vendors were received assuming that the system package safely migrates data assets accumulated on the current server and meets the following requirements:

  • Smoothly transfers old system's instrument master data, accumulated conservation plan, and historical data.
  • Fully covers the current functional requirements and improves the usability of on-site work
  • Saves effort in server operation and system management
  • Sustainable system that can accelerate and keep our response to efficient preventive maintenance
  • For cloud type, security is positioned as a top priority for stable operation


The vendor selection was finally decided on eServ of Yokogawa Solution Service, which is capable of continuing the operation of facility maintenance system and preventive maintenance efforts and has excellent cost performance.
In addition, while ensuring security for public cloud-type systems was a top priority, it was crucial that cloud environment-specific system had already been adopted within the company and that it was a highly reliable Salesforce cloud with flawless security response.
This eliminated the need for in-house server management and provided higher stable operation.

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As for data transfer, we reviewed the management system so that a simple and flexible preventive maintenance plan can be prepared, and discussions were held between our consultants and project members of Shionogi.
Finally, we changed the instrument master data and preventive maintenance data to simple data structures by, for example, aggregating them into units of equipment, and made a new start.


Introduction effect

Shionogi's main focus is preventive maintenance, as the operation of equipment maintenance systems has become firmly established.
When we began operating the new eServ system and see the reactions at the site, the overwhelming ease of use and the good visibility of the data are further promoting higher awareness of the operation of the facility maintenance system and sharing of information.
It is expected that the effect of maintenance work will be further expanded.

  • It became possible to maintain stable operation of the maintenance system built by the company and maintain stable preventive maintenance activities.
  • Usability improved, misregistration and duplicate registration eliminated, and the quality of operation and management improved.
  • The report & dashboard feature has made it easier to visualize and analyze, further increasing awareness of system utilization.
  • The simplified and cloud-based systems are expected to reduce the number of operational steps in the system compared to the old system.

System overview


Future development

"eServ is responsible for the maintenance to ensure stable operation of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and since universal maintenance has been established through the unification of operations among sites, we will promote the operation unification of facility maintenance management systems, including maintenance personnel and GMP-related documents for pharmaceuticals."
"With eServ as a core, by making it possible to provide the necessary information to the maintenance personnel who needs it, we will be able to have many more maintenance personnel use this system. We are still in the process, but we will aim to achieve our goal while listening to the voices of the maintenance personnel," says project leader Mr.Takanashi.


Customer Profile

Customer Name Shionogi Pharma Co., Ltd.
Head Office Settsu, Osaka
Major business activities Manufacturing, sale, analytical testing and pharmaceutical engineering of medicinal drugs and investigational drugs.


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