Let’s get started! Equipment Monitoring with Sushi Sensor

Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for industrial IoT. Sushi Sensor increases the efficiency of equipment monitoring and improves plant availability.
It can be installed in a variety of equipment that deployed throughout a large factory to measure vibration, temperature, and pressure. The measured data is automatically stored in the cloud. Access to the cloud allows anyone, anywhere to monitor equipment. By replacing equipment monitoring that relies on operator rounds with Sushi Sensor, the traditional weekly or daily inspections can be replaced with hourly monitoring.
Using the data collected by Sushi Sensor, AI can detect early signs of anomalies, preventing sudden equipment breakdowns and unexpected stoppages. 
Sushi Sensor contributes to improved productivity by streamlining equipment monitoring.

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    Sushi Sensor is a wireless solution for Industrial IoT (IIoT). It has excellent environmental resistance, and adapt LoRaWAN, a wide area wireless communication method that realizes power saving and long-distance communication.

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