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1997 Press Releases

Press Releases Archive (1997)
October 1997
October 29 Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the Development of "Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) System"
October 22 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Invests in Measurementation Incorporated Capital participation in Measurementation Inc. strengthens Yokogawa's overseas networks for marketing process gas chromatographs and related products
October 1 Yokogawa Electric Corp.announces the development and international release of its ULTRA YEWFLO ultrasonic vortex flowmeter. A revolutionary vortex flowmeter that can service 80 percent of the liquid flowmeter market, the ULTRA YEWFLO provides new solutions to flow measurement needs as an in-line flowmeter.
September 1997
September 16 Yokogawa Electric announces the development and release of its CENTUM CS 1000 Production Control System for the small- and medium-scale process control market. The CS 1000 Production Control System is a core system for realization of Yokogawa Electric's concept of "Enterprise Technology Solutions."
September 8 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Acquires Marex Technology Limited
August 1997
August 11 Yokogawa Electric's Kofu Plant Acquires ISO14001 Certification
July 1997
July 16 Yokogawa Initiates "Enterprise Technology Solutions," a New Concept for the Process and Factory Automation Sector
April 1997
April 3 Yokogawa Acquires GTI-IA, a Leading Provider in the Netherlands of Industrial Safeguard Systems
April 1 Yokogawa and Mitsui Toatsu to Collaborate in Sale of Training Simulators for Industrial Plants
March 1997
March 24 Yokogawa Enters Sales Tie-Up with Aspen Technology, World-Leading Supplier of Advanced Process Control Software Packages

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