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2003 Press Releases-17

Tokyo, Japan - September 18, 2003

Yokogawa Releases CENTUM CS 3000 R3.04

Latest Upgrade Equipped with New Compact Controller

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of CENTUM CS 3000 R3.04, the latest version of its flagship CENTUM CS 3000 R3 integrated production control system. The functionality of this new product has been greatly enhanced with the inclusion of a new FFCS compact controller that enables the control system to accommodate a wider range of applications, including small-scale plants. This contrasts with earlier versions of the CENTUM CS 3000 R3 series which were aimed mainly at medium- to large-scale process plants in the oil and chemical industries. Marketing of this new product will start on September 24.

Development Background

The development of the CENTUM CS 3000 R3 series has been based on the concept of continually adopting new functions while maintaining continuity with existing functions. This control system has evolved in quick response to changing customer needs and through the ongoing development and introduction of leading-edge technologies. 

Yokogawa is a major supplier of process automation systems that aggressively invests in development in order to provide customers with the latest control systems. We are also committed to the development of products that can utilize the hardware, software, and operations expertise of the systems that they replace, thus maximizing resource usage and compatibility.

Product Features

1. FFCS compact controller for small- and medium-scale plants
This new controller boasts the excellent reliability that is essential for DCS as well as top cost-performance, making it ideal for small- to medium-scale plants. Just 20 percent the size of a conventional controller, the FFCS has the same reliable architecture, control functions and fully redundant configuration as the controllers used by large plants. 

2. Enhanced Fieldbus capability
The CENTUM CS 3000 R3.04 also supports PROFIBUS DP-V1, which is the standard in discrete manufacturing processes. The FOUNDATION Fieldbus capability is also improved, providing smaller systems the same functions such as integrated operation and monitoring environments and full-redundant systems that are found in large systems.

3. Increased subsystem connectivity
A subsystem gateway station was developed which employs OPC (OLE for Process Control), the industry-standard, general-purpose interface used in process control. This has improved connectivity with electrical facilities, machining equipment, and other subsystems.

About Yokogawa
Yokogawa's global network of 19 manufacturing facilities and 89 companies spans 32 countries. Since its founding in 1915, the US$4 billion company has been engaged in cutting-edge research and innovation, securing more than 7,500 patents and registrations, including the world's first digital sensors for flow and pressure measurement. Industrial automation and control, test and measurement, information systems and industry support are the core businesses of Yokogawa.
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