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2007 Press Releases

December 2007
December 12 Yokogawa Receives Control Systems Contract for Thermal Power Plant from Flinders Power in Australia

December 05 Yokogawa Launches High-performance AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
- For More Efficient Installation and Maintenance of Optical Fiber Networks -

December 03 Yokogawa Releases Plant Resource Manager (PRM) Version R3.02
– Integration with GE Energy's System 1® Platform –

November 2007
November 29 Yokogawa Receives Control System Order for Large Oil Refining Project in Qinzhou, China

November 27 Yokogawa Announces Release of Largest Ever Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

November 02 Yokogawa Announces Release of AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Covering Long Wavelengths over 2 µm

November 02 Yokogawa and BP Announce Global MAC Services Agreement

October 2007
October 22 Yokogawa Enhances VC3300 Mobile Phone Tester by Adding
TD-SCDMA Test Option

October 19 Yokogawa Releases Enhanced Version of ProSafe – RS Safety Instrumented System

October 03 Yokogawa Receives Control System Contract for Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant in Bihar, India

October 02 Yokogawa Announces Release of MV1000 and MV2000 Paperless Portable Recorders

September 2007
September 28 Yokogawa Launches Lifecycle Management Program to Provide
Customers an Optimal Maintenance Solution

September 20 Yokogawa Receives SICE Awards for Enemap and ProSafe-RS Solutions

September 10 Yokogawa Releases MT6111 Memory Test System
for Mass-Production of DRAMs

August 2007
August 22 Yokogawa Receives Package Order to Supply Control Systems
for Petrochemical Complex in Singapore

August 20 Yokogawa (Thailand) Receives Control System Contract
for Largest Petrochemical Project in Thailand

July 2007
July 25 Yokogawa to Launch Three New DL9000 Series Mixed-signal Oscilloscopes

July 24 Yokogawa Ships 10,000th 6-inch Liquid Crystal Flat Panel Display
for Aviation Use

July 02 Yokogawa Commences Production of Differential Pressure/Pressure Transmitters in Singapore

June 2007
June 27 A revision to the press release dated June 21,2007.
Yokogawa Releases GS820 Multi-Channel Source Measure Unit
- Highly accurate 2-channel DC voltage/current generation and source measurement –

June 21 Yokogawa Releases GS820 Multi-Channel Source Measure Unit
- Highly accurate 2-channel DC voltage/current generation and source measurement –

June 20 Yokogawa and Maverick Technologies Announce New Agreement with Chevron

May 2007
May 15 Dave Emerson Receives Thomas G. Fisher Award

April 2007
April 26 Introduction of Countermeasures to Large-Scale Acquisition of Yokogawa Shares (Takeover Defense Measures)

April 24 Yokogawa Releases Enhanced Version of STARDOM Network-based Control System

April 23 Yokogawa Expands Business Activities in Saudi Arabia, Opening Two Companies and Building New Facilities

April 12 Wurldtech Recognizes Robustness of CENTUM CS 3000 R3 and ProSafe-RS Against Cyber Attack

April 09 Yokogawa Obtains FSM Certification for Its Safety Instrumented System Engineering Operations

April 05 Yokogawa and Fujitsu Develop 40 Gbps DQPSK Optical Transmission Technology - New technology enables ultra high-capacity inter-city optical networks -

March 2007
March 28 Appointment of Outside Independent Director

March 15 Yokogawa Ships 700th Exapilot Operation Efficiency Improvement Package
- An award-winning tool that facilitates the transfer of operational expertise -

February 2007
February 01 Yokogawa to Launch DL9710L Mixed-signal Scope

January 2007
January 30 Appointment of President and Chairman Effective April 1, 2007

January 29 Yokogawa Receives Record Plant Control System Order for Rabigh Integrated Refining and Petrochemical Complex (PETRORabigh)

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