Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) 2019

Dates: Oct 22-24, 2019
Location: Singapore
Venue: Singapore EXPO | Booth 1K18

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC, a HANNOVER MESSE event is Asia-Pacific’s leading trade event for Industry 4.0.

Yokogawa invites you to visit us at Booth 1K18 and join hands with us in a co-innovation discovery journey. Discover how Yokogawa optimizes its expertise, technologies and solutions to upgrade traditional industries and develop the future digital factory. 


  • Smart IIoT ‘Sushi’ Solution
  • Solutions for Industrial Autonomy
  • Extended Reality
  • OT Cyber Security Intelligence


FREE Discovery Sessions at Yokogawa Booth

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The Digital Transformation Guide for Implementation of AR, VR & MR projects

Han Ngi Juan, General Manager, YEA

This session looks at practical models to tackle challenges and opportunities posed by digital transformation initiatives particularly in adoption of Immersive Technologies. The market has evolved to a point where supply of software or hardware as singular elements creates only limited value for any organization.

OT Security & Cyber Physical Security Solution

Satoshi Tada, Manager, System Integration Technology Centre (SITC), YEA

With: Teo Kok Soon, Group Manager, SITC, & Yousuke Maezawa, Group Manager, SITC

As a result of Industry 4.0 accelerating the connection between physical space and cyberspace, OT cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for business. In this session, we will introduce the current situation and challenges of OT cyber security, the actual examples of cyber physical security, and the vision of Yokogawa's security solutions.

Digitalizing Energy & Carbon Management in Process Industries

Glenn Lee, KBC Advanced Technology Pte Ltd

& Brian Lim, Consulting Manager, Advanced Solutions Division, YEA

& Er. Rodney Leong, Energy Consultant, Solution Sales & Marketing, SSO, YEA

Increasing focus on greenhouse gas emissions has put carbon reduction at the top of corporate agendas. Energy efficiency offers the most cost effective means of carbon mitigation, and the scope for improvement in process industries remains large. However, with much of the low hanging fruit already harvested and progress stalling, industrial facilities are looking for new ways to drive improvement. Digitalization offers a means to deliver deeper, faster savings. In this paper we share examples of how industry 4.0 themes such as improved connectivity, Artificial Intelligence and automation are converging to drive the next level of energy efficiency, and are enabling industrial participation in multi-vector smart grids.

Mirror Plant – Yokogawa Process Digital Twin

Ryosuke Kobayashi, MPS Consultant & Technical Lead, YEA

& Cheng Wang, Business Development Manager – Consulting, Advanced Solutions Division, YEA

A process digital twin is a first principle DYNAMIC simulation model that running Online. It is a Mirror of the process with its dynamics. Mirror Plant (MPS) is Yokogawa process digital twin solution. Mirror Plant can be used by plant operation and process engineer to understand the entire manufacturing operation in REAL TIME. By utilizing an adaptive system that tracks the real time process, MPS is a critical enabler that will accelerate Industry 4.0. For example, customer can monitor and predict key quality of a nonlinear process with high fidelity estimation without any time delay; can support customer supply chain horizontal integration by providing real time prediction of process constraints; can improve customer process safety and reliability by alerting process or equipment abnormality in advance, hence, creating a more efficient manufacturing operation.

Towards Operational excellence – Powered by AI

Dr. Ravi Tiwari, Senior Data Scientist, YEA

With the advent of Big Data technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, there is significant improvement in the way we lead our lives. Process industries are no exception.  Predictive capabilities on work processes, operations and equipment health diagnostics is changing the way we operate and run our business processes. These technologies are key enablers towards your Digital Transformation initiative to improve Human and Equipment reliability in pursuit of operational excellence.

Smart “Sushi” Sensors for Transition to IIoT

Hariprasad Kongorpalli, Product Manager - DTS & Wireless Solutions, YEA

& Koji Watanabe, Subject Matter Expert – Wireless Solution, Yokogawa Electric Corporation

We are living in an era of a digitally transforming world, networking billions of smart solutions across and producing a huge amount of data. Applications for the general purpose and industries share a similar objective in seeking to derive useful information from streams of data acquired from sensors. Both rely on a multi-level approach where sensors communicate with a cloud-level application directly or through some intermediate networks. Though they share similar architectures, there are substantial differences in sensor design and connectivity to the networks considering the nature of their respective requirements. It is important to understand these requirements for industrial IoT networks before considering a solution for industrial use.

Smart Sensors are those intelligent sensors that can sense & communicate information from the field. Industrial-level devices exist in much harsher environments. The Sushi Sensor from Yokogawa is an industrial IoT (IIoT) sensor with excellent environmental resistance and durability.


Presentation Session at ‘The Sandbox’

Topic: Business Excellence Empowered Through Industry 4.0 Digitalization & Workplace Transformational Learning

By: Mr. Han Ngi Juan, General Manager, Yokogawa Engineering Asia


Date: 23 October, Wednesday

Time: 2pm to 2.30pm

Venue: Hall 3, Sandbox; FREE – limited seats (first come basis)


Learn how to facilitate industry 4.0 immersive experiences across diverse industries and build an intelligent enterprise for the future. The session includes how to convince stakeholders with ROI and understanding digital strategy, business model including how to equip the enablers and the orchestration of change to get there. Han holds more than 30 years of experience with Yokogawa and currently leads Industry 4.0 Initiatives on Immersive Technology for a secure and collaborated communication in an intelligent enterprise.