Data Acquisition

High-speed Data Acquisition module

It features 6 or 12 analog input channels and 3 auxiliary input channels.
The auxiliary inputs can also be used for a 1-channel counter.

All channels for analog input operate simultaneously. In addition to fixed-cycle A/D conversion, A/D conversion synchronized with an external signal is also possible.

This module features not only a data acquisition function that stores data in the build-in buffer, but also a filter function, scaling function, and FFT function. The FFT function can be used to analyze acquired data inside the module.



High-speed Conversion, High-speed Response, High Resolution

  • This module features simultaneous A/D conversion of 6 or 12 channels. It takes 10 µs from sampling to updating digital output values.
  • This module has a built-in analog low-pass filter for each analog input. The cutoff frequency of the filter is approximately 40 kHz, and its order is the second-order. This filter reduces the effect of aliasing.
  • This module features digital inputs as an auxiliary input. These inputs can be used for applying signals to initiate A/D conversion and start data acquisition, or as counter inputs. The input type is for 5V open collector output. They accept differential input signals and can also receive line driver outputs. The maximum pulse rate of the counter input is 2 Mpps.
  • This module uses 16-bit successive approximation ADCs.

Advanced Functions

  • Data acquisition function: This module can store A/D conversion results and counter values in the buffer inside the module. This acquisition process does not rely on the scan cycle of the CPU module, which enables data to be acquired at a high-speed, constant cycle. The shortest acquisition cycle is 5 µs, and the data buffer size is 2M words.
  • FFT function: FFT operation can be applied to acquired data. The maximum amount of data is 16,384 points. FFT can also be applied multiple times, and the results can be averaged.
  • Filter function: A/D conversion results can be filtered and then stored as data. Filtering is applied based on an A/D conversion cycle, and not an acquisition cycle. This can suppress the aliasing effect even if a longer acquisition cycle is configured.
  • Synchronized operation function: A/D conversion can be initiated synchronously with pulses to the auxiliary input or the built-in counter.
  • Product-sum operation function: The square of an analog input or the product of two analog inputs is calculated at each A/D conversion and that value is accumulated. This function can be used to calculate the RMS value of alternating voltage input and effective power.

High Common-mode Voltage between Channels

  • Voltages of up to 30 Vrms or DC ±60 V can be applied between channels.



Analog Input Specifications

Item F3HA06-1R F3HA12-1R
No. of input channels 6 12
Absolute maximum rating Analog input signal:±30 V
Analog input channel/analog input channel: 30 Vrms,60 V DC
Input signal range*1 -10 to 10 V(-11 to 11 V)[Initial state]
0 to 10 V(-0.5 to 10.5 V)
1 to 5 V(-0.25 to 5.25 V)
-5 to 5 V(-5.5 to 5.5 V)
-2.5 to 2.5 V(-2.75 to 2.75 V)
Input type Differential voltage input
Common-mode voltage influence between channels(DC) Approx. -80 dB
Input impedance*2 Differential:Approx. 800 kΩ
Common-mode between channels:Approx. 400 kΩ
Overall accuracy ±0.1 % of FS(23±2 ℃),±0.01 % of FS/℃
±0.3% of FS(0 to 55 ℃)
Resolution*3 -10 to 10 V :Approx. 1/58,000,Approx. 0.35 mV
0 to 10 V :Approx. 1/29,000,Approx. 0.35 mV
1 to 5 V :Approx. 1/23,000,Approx. 0.18 mV
-5 to 5 V :Approx. 1/58,000,Approx. 0.18 mV
-2.5 to 2.5 V :Approx. 1/29,000,Approx. 0.18 mV
(16-bit resolution of ADC)
A/D conversion operation mode 5µs timer mode:Fixed-cycle sampling 
External signal synchronized mode:At a 5μs interval or more*3, response within 0.2μs or less
Counter synchronized mode:At a 5μs interval or more*3, response within 0.2μs or less
Input response time Maximum of approx. 50μs(Step input from 0 to 1 V)
(Analog circuit's settling time + conversion time + calculation time)
Input bandwidth*4 Approx. 40 kHz(Second-order analog low-pass filter)

*1 : You cannot set an input range for individual channels. The range can be set by ADC group, that is, channels 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10, as well as 11 and 12.
*2 : With power supplied to this module.
*3 : An allowed interval of signals for intiating A/D conversion by using an external signal or the counter. This module may ignore conversion signals with a shorter interval than this value. Make sure that you avoid setting conversion signal intervals that are below 5μs.
*4 : A frequency at which the amplitude attenuates by 3 dB when a sinusoidal wave with an amplitude of 1 V is input.


Functional and General Specifications

Item F3HA06-1R F3HA12-1R
A/D conversion frequency division A frequency division condition for an A/D conversion cycle in the external signal synchronized mode and counter synchronized mode. Can be selected from : No division (0),2,4,8,16,32,64 and 128
A/D conversion interval A condition for A/D conversion interval measurements.
(Measured with a 64 MHz or 1 MHz counter)
Data buffer Double buffer structure of up to 1 M words (Maximum:2 M words).
Data acquisition cycle Sampling cycle × n, where n is a natural number from 1 to 4,000.
Data acquisition start signal A combination of a level trigger, external signal, counter match, and output relay.
Digital filter Moving average (Maximum of 2048 points of data,a power of two)*5
Low-pass filter (Fourth order, Butterworth/Chebyshev, cutoff frequency range:400 Hz to 40 kHz)*6
High-pass filter (Fourth order, Butterworth/Chebyshev, cutoff frequency range:400 Hz to 40 kHz)*6
Scaling The upper and lower limits can be set in a range from -30,000 to 30,000.
Auxiliary input filter Filter for counter input and general-purpose digital input.
Product-sum operation function The function to perform the product-sum operation according to an A/D conversion cycle, ranging from a 1/2 cycle to 32 cycles of an alternating signal. The accumulation count can be specified up to 32,767 times.
Post-data processing Averaging (A maximum of 512 frames can be averaged)
FFT (A maximum of 16,384 points, or maximum of 16 frames, can be averaged)
Other acquisition-related functions Pre-trigger, delay trigger, start index
Isolation Analog input terminals/internal circuit:Isolated (Isolation provided by capacitive or inductive coupling device, withstanding voltage  500 Vrms, 1 minute), Rated voltage:30 Vrms
Analog input channel/analog input channel:Not isolated, Rated voltage:30 Vrms
Auxiliary input terminals/internal circuit:Isolated (Isolation provided by photocoupler, withstanding voltage 500 Vrms, 1 minute), Rated voltage:30 Vrms
Auxiliary input terminal/auxiliary input terminal:Not isolated
Analog input terminal/auxiliary input terminal:Isolated (Isolation provided by capacitive or inductive coupling device, withstanding voltage 500Vrms, 1minute), Rated voltage:30Vrms
Consumption current 420 mA (System-side power source, DC 5 V) 570 mA (System-side power source, DC 5 V)
External connection 32-pin spring terminal block
External dimensions 28.9(W)×100(H)×83.2(D) mm
Weight 125 g

*5 : The maximum value of the total moving average points for all channels is 4096.
*6 : There are some limitations on frequencies that you can set.


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