Right Angle Scattered Light Turbidity Analyzer TB400G

Turbidity analyzers conventionally used for the operation and control of a water purification plant, are nowadays being required to measure the amount of matter suspended in various sorts of industrial waste water and to detect the turbidity of chemical processes.

Since their sales began in 1959, Yokogawa's process-use turbidity analyzers, centering on the area of water supply, have achieved a number of records and have provided high reliability to many users.

The TB400G surface scattering light turbidity analyzer has a microprocessor to provide intelligent features for advanced performance and high reliability.


  • Equipped with a microprocessor, allowing provision of advanced performance and high reliability.
  • Enhanced self-testing functions such as detection of a disconnected lamp, a converter check, and upper and lower limit alarms.
  • Provided with multiple functions such as automatic zero calibration.
  • Compact and lightweight. The system allows access from the front, offering easy maintenance.
  • Use of the surface scattering-light measuring method eliminates the measurement errors caused by contamination of the cell port.
  • Signal smoothing as a measure against air bubbles in water samples.


  • Turbidity of tap water, sewage, river water and water used in general processes.
Measuring method Surface scattering light measurement
Measuring range 0-2 to 0-2000 mg/l
Display units mg/l (standard) or degrees (selectable)
Output range Manual selection from 3 ranges at converter or by remote range switch.
Auto-range selection from 3ranges with configurable switching points.
The three ranges can be set in any size within the measuring range.
Analog output 4 to 20 mA DC (Maximum load resistance: 550 Ω) or 1 to 5 V DC (output resistance: 100 Ω or less)
Digital output signals RS-232C
Contact output Maintenance output, Failure output, Range output, Configurable contact pair for (a) high and low alarm limits or (b) auto-calibration signal or (c) auto-cleaning signal.
Contact input Remote range switching
Automatic cleaning Water jet cleaning (with configurable time cycles)
Calibration Zero/Span, Automatic or Manual calibration
Ambient temperature -5 to 50℃
Ambient humidity 5 to 95 % RH (non-condensing)
Installation Indoors (measures to provide waterproofing are optionally required for outdoor installation.)
Sample water condition Flow rate: 1.5 to 2 l/min
Temperature: 0 to 50℃ (however, the ambient temperature must be no higher than +30℃)
Power supply 100/110 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 200/220 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Linearity (using Kaolin) When the upper limit of span is 1000 mg/l or less: ±2 % of the upper limit of span
Repeatability 2 % of the upper limit of span
Response Time 2 minutes or less (90 % response, with a sampling system, flow rate of 3 l/min)


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