Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series

The magnetic flowmeters CA Series can measure fluids that are difficult to measure with other magnetic flowmeters. For example, high-concentration slurry fluids, insulator-adhesive fluids, and ultra-low-conductivity fluids.
In addition, the CA Series is designed with the Total Insight concept. The display has excellent visibility due to its dot matrix and backlight. Also, if you use the verification function, you can diagnose the equipment and easily check the status of the equipment.

Magnetic Flowmeter CA Series Debut

The CA Series promises stable measurement even for fluids that are considered difficult to measure, such as slurry fluids and adhesive fluids.
The design based on the Total Insight concept improves operability and maintainability for customers.


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OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business and stands for excellence in the related technology and solutions. It consists of categories and families under each category. This product belongs to the OpreX Field Instruments family that is aligned under the OpreX Measurement category.


About Magnetic Flowmeters CA Series

The CA Series is the successor to the ADMAG CA series.
The sensor structure inherits the structure of ADMAG CA.
The transmitter has evolved with the design of the Total Insight concept.

Sensor Structure

Structure That Can Be Measured Even in Highly Concentrated Slurry or Insulator-Adhering Fluids

  • Electrodes not in contact with fluid
  • High-purity alumina ceramics measuring tube

Slurry Fluids

Stable Measurement Is Possible Even in Fluids Containing Slurry Such as Latex and Calcium Carbonate

The CA Series electrode is structured so that it does not come into contact with the fluid. The highly concentrated slurry fluid does not come into contact with the electrodes. Therefore, electrical noise generated by contact between the slurry and the electrode is not physically generated.


Adhesive Fluids

Stable Measurement Is Possible Even for Fluids Containing Insulators Such as Waste Fluids and Red Mud

The surface of the ceramic measuring tube is smoother (Ra 1.6) and has a structure that prevents insulation from sticking to it. Even if an insulator adheres, the CA Series has no effect on measurement because of the measurement principle of the capacitive equation.


Ultra-Low Conductivity Fluids

Ultra-Low Conductivity Fluids Such as Pure Water Can Be Measured

Capacitive electrodes and high impedance circuits make it possible to measure ultra-low conductivity fluids.
Since the electrode is installed as a face electrode on the outside of the ceramic pipe, which is a measuring tube, the signal electromotive force is detected through the capacitance of the tube wall. In addition, the adoption of high-frequency excitation and the realization of a high-impedance circuit at the signal input make it possible to reliably detect fluid electromotive force with minimal effect of fluid noise.

* If the diameter is 100 mm or less, span error may occur when measuring fluids with conductivity of 0.1 µS/cm or less. Please consult us for fluid measurements with a conductivity of less than 0.1 µS/cm.


Easy Replacement

Customer Piping Can Be Replaced Without Modification

The lay length between the CA Series and ADMAG CA are the same. Therefore, there is no additional cost for customer plumbing.

Easy Replacement

Total Insight

From Sensing to Sensemaking

  • A common product concept for flowmeters that assist customers throughout the product lifecycle.
  • Helps customers reduce operating costs throughout their entire product lifecycle.
  • Solve your problems with outstanding technology and field domain knowledge.

* The CA Series is a flowmeter designed by Total Insight's design concept.


Total Insight - Simplified Selection -

Simplified Selection logo

HART Communication

Improved connectivity with host devices

By supporting the world standard HART communication, it is easy to achieve uniform communication protocols for the entire plant. Uniform protocols also improve maintainability.

Total Insight - Smart Assist -

Smart Assist

Wizard Function

Simple and easy setup by following the Wizard function on the display

Frequently used parameters can be set via a wizard function. Even first-time users can follow the flow and set it up with intuitive peace of mind. Setting time is also reduced because the set parameters are downloaded together to the device.


Multiple Languages

Information can be checked in the language most suitable for the user

The language of the display unit can be selected from 9 languages. By displaying the optimal language for the user, it is possible to check the display information accurately in a short time.

* Available Languages: Japanese / English / Chinese / French / German / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Russian


Transmitter Wiring Terminal

Choice of the Clamp type or M4 Screw type

Both clamp and screw types boast high reliability. The clamp type takes about half the wiring time as the screw drive.

Total Insight - Process Guard -

Process Guard

Dot Matrix Display / Backlight

A lot of information can be checked at a glance, visibility has also improved

The display is a dot matrix 4-line display. Even if the device is installed in a dark place, the information can be confirmed by the backlight, and the visibility is excellent.

* 64 x 128 dot LCD


Data Logging Function

Device itself acquires process data

Data is acquired on the built-in microSD card, so no other devices need to be prepared. You can understand the situation before and after a malfunction occurs, which enables quick troubleshooting. Up to three data points can be logged simultaneously.

Total Insight - Expert Solution -

Expert Solution

Verification Function

Anyone Can Use a Unified Tool to Check Equipment Health

With the verification function, there is no need to remove the flowmeter from the piping during maintenance. Diagnostic results are generated as reports.
The verification function is broadly divided into standard verification and extended verification.

Verification Function
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* To use the verification function, please purchase the following together.


Available microSD Card

Data copy time from microSD card to device is only 1 minute

Parameters set for the device can be saved on a microSD card. Parameters saved in microSD can be copied to another device and set.
It takes about 30 minutes to set the parameters manually. On the other hand, if you copy the parameters from the microSD, the setting will be completed in about 1 minute, leading to a 97 % reduction.


Multiple Inputs and Outputs

Flexible Input and Output According to Application

Up to four input and output signals can be selected.

Multiple Inputs and Outputs
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The use of recycled oil as an energy source presents a significant processing problem. ADMAG CA has been shown to provide reliable and stable flow measurement of recycled oil containing water.


During MSG manufacturing it is crucial to control flow during the neutralization process. Unfortunately, traditional magnetic flowmeters encounter accuracy issues due to coating on electrodes from liquids like crystal, slurry, and high-viscosity fluids. Learn how our innovative technology ensures stable measurements even with challenging fluids. Don't miss out on improved accuracy and reduced maintenance downtime.





The CA Series promises stable measurement even for fluids that are considered difficult to measure, such as slurry fluids and adhesive fluids. The design based on the Total Insight concept improves operability and maintainability for customers.

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