Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Plant maintenance system implements to support maintenance operations with foresight. Also it is IT system analyzing stored-maintenance-data. In early stage makes all possible to bring up "effected maintenance operations" and "improved safe-operating-ratio and cost reduction".

  • eServ plant maintenance system implements to support maintenance operations with foresight. It is sound good everywhere. Quick and Easy allows you to best modeled Japanese professional's feature.



  • Too much cost
  • Failure and lock down
  • Overregulation and overmaintenance
  • Old production equipment
  • No shred and inherited maintenance technic and know-how


  • More investment return
  • Increase yield volume and earn more
  • Budget cut
  • Everything quick and easy
  • Be Specialist


Yokogawa's Solutions


  • Yield volume, business gain, and investment return
  • Cost performance in quick and easy use
  • Budget cut
  • Get up old production equipment efficiently for a long time
  • Inexperienced workers get like technician
  • Prevent vain effort


Makes all possible for guiding into solving way

  • Analysis by Predicted data making from cases that were caused in the past on plant.
  • Calculate and visualize costs and status around plant operations.
    Send back total result to company management.
  • Tablet integration enables quick restoration from damage on plant or product line
  • Take up failure signature event
  • Establish corrective action and preventive measure
  • Share and inherit maintenance technic and know-how


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