Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

The plant maintenance system supports maintenance operations with foresight. It is also an IT system that analyzes stored maintenance data. The system makes it possible to conduct effective maintenance, improve the safe operating ratio, and reduce costs.

  • The eServ plant maintenance system supports maintenance operations with foresight, and is effective everywhere. Quick and easy to use, it leverages the expertise of Japanese professionals and optimizes the CMMS and EAM concept.



  • High cost
  • Failure and lock down
  • Over-regulation and over-maintenance
  • Old production equipment
  • Sharing and inheritance of maintenance know-how


  • Higher return on investment
  • Higher yield and profit
  • Lower budget
  • Quick and easy
  • Specialism


Yokogawa's Solutions


  • Yield, business gain, and investment return
  • High cost performance, quick and easy to use
  • Reduced budget
  • Continue using old production equipment efficiently for a long time
  • Inexperienced workers become skilled technicians
  • Prevent wasted effort


Full guidance for easy solutions

  • Analysis based on data predictions from past cases
  • Calculation and visualization of costs and status of plant operations
    Results fed back to company management
  • Tablet integration enables quick restoration from damage to plant or product line
  • Identification of key failure events
  • Establishment of corrective action and preventive measures
  • Sharing and passing on maintenance techniques and know-how


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