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Yokogawa IA Technologies India Private Limited





Global Award


SDC Awards

  • For providing effective HMI Performance improvement solution
  • For effective collaboration with FDV
  • For reduced development period and efforts by checking preoperation on Windows Server 2016

PSS Performance Award for engineering cost reduction


GDC Awards

  • For developing the software that meets the needs of the power customers
  • For effectively learning, experimenting, and implementing reusable test scripts that contributed to improved test productivity


GDC Awards

  • For filing the highest number of invention reports
  • For MVD roll out and inter-centre coordination
  • For proactive IP activities
  • For proactive QA activities
  • For deploying Auto Deployment Tool to improve test efficiency


IA Special Award in recognition of selfless work to increase technology awareness and make a difference to the aspirations & lives of 200+ rural students, coherent with the YOKOGAWA spirit of ‘Contribution to Society’.

Award for integrity & adding value through proactive role in spreading awareness and instilling Yokogawa mind set through the 'Did You Know?' series

Award for improving test efficiency through automated test set ups.

Award for MVD roll out & inter Centre coordination

YHQ Award for Promotion and Execution of Strategic IP Activities

YHQ Commendation Certificate In recognition to the spirit of innovation among young engineers for highest number of invention reports submitted for the year 2013-14


IA-PF Sys BU Award for project deliveries in 2013.


YEI Performance Award for on-time delivery of software.


Technical Award

Innovation Headquarters Award in recognition to contributions to the global intellectual property management initiatives


Performance Award for successful product launch.