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Yokogawa IA Technologies India Private Limited





Why Yokogawa

Why Yokogawa

We understand that good quality is all about making our customers happy. For us, at Yokogawa IA Tech, values are as important as our business and technology, and our people are as important as our customers...

A supporting work culture focusing on work-life balance, encourages us to continuously learn and relish challenges. Our diversity propels us to be creative and accommodative. As a young & growing R & D team, we have a clear vision to be the best value creation center for our customers. Our talented people are committed to our vision and deliver leading edge solutions.

Open Culture

Open CultureWe have an open work environment and believe that a participative and supportive workplace nurtures creativity and innovation. We believe in a healthy and vibrant workplace where open communication is fostered and encouraged at all levels.

Our periodic company meetings/management briefings, skip-level meetings, open-door access to the management at all times, collaborative cross functional/cross team initiatives, workshops & open innovation programs, IP work out sessions, joint workshops between the management & staff members to formulate and execute organizational vision, mission & strategy are noteworthy indicators of our participative work culture. Our office with cubicles devoid of separators, open meeting areas reflect in every sense the openness of our people.

We take pride in our culture that empowers individuals to be their best selves at all times. We believe in the power of team work, freedom to innovate* and a passion to create world class solutions using cutting edge technology backed by best in class work practices and rigorous quality management.

*This website is a work of passion by our team of product specialists (who otherwise are focused on delivering high-end IA solutions) desirous of exploring the nuances of web design.