Careers at Yokogawa

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Research and Development

To provide leading edge "mother tools" and basic technologies to industry, Yokogawa recognizes that the future-oriented development of new technologies is one of its most important management challenges. The Group is seeking to develop technologies for the core domains of test and measurement, industrial automation and control, and information systems.

The Group's research and development operation is classified into research on leading edge technologies and basic technologies, incubating technologies for commercialization, and enhancing existing products and solutions.


Engineering delivers a comprehensive range of solutions leveraging Yokogawa’s strengths in field instruments, control systems, safety systems, and production management systems. Whatever the size and complexity of the solution, the goal of engineering is to be "fit for purpose'' and ensure seamless integration of production processes and management systems.


Spanning everything from a simple bench calibration of a pressure transmitter or power meter to the installation, commissioning, and start up of a large process control system, our services function calls for a wide range of expertise and a commitment to meeting customer requirements now and in the future. We are motivated by the challenge of satisfying our customers' increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs.

Marketing & Sales

A career in marketing or sales puts you on the front lines with our customers. In either function you can play a key role in shaping business strategy and turning market potential into growth for Yokogawa.


Manufacturing of distributed process control systems, safety management systems, field instruments, test and measurement instruments, optical communication equipment, semiconductor testers, and printed circuit boards require the most sophisticated and high quality manufacturing technologies. We have the technical know-how and ability to tailor our response to a customer’s specific requirements, and our New Yokogawa Production System gives us the capacity to minimize manufacturing cost and lead time from parts procurement to manufacturing and shipment. We can accommodate both large and small lot production of a wide variety of high value-added products.

Finance and Control

Accurate and timely financial reporting plays a vital role in the day-to-day conduct of Yokogawa’s business affairs and is essential to the business decisions and proactive management of our organization. The importance of the finance and control functions is well recognized by our stakeholders both inside and outside Yokogawa.

Human Resources and Legal Affairs

Human resources is responsible for optimizing Yokogawa’s most valued resource, its people, through the effective management of activities in such varied specialties as recruitment, career development, and payroll administration. In recruitment, we look for individuals who can share Yokogawa’s values. In career development, we design and deliver programs that help make sure our people achieve all their potential and perform to the limit of their abilities. Our diversified operations worldwide require legal expertise in international transactions as well as laws and regulations of specific communities. We extend solutions to customers around the globe in a fair and open manner and in compliance with laws and regulations.