Environmental Targets and Achievements

Environmental Policy FY2019 Self
FY2020 Targets
Targets Results
Continual improvement Continuously improve environmental actions through the operations of each organization in the Yokogawa group Each company / department reduced environmental impact by improving operations such as production process improvements Good

Take actions for improvement in environmental performance continually through the operations of each organization in the Yokogawa group

Resource recycling management



Energy usage
13% reduction (Base year : FY2013)
(FY2020 "Yokogawa Group Sustainability Target")

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
1% reduction of Group intensity per sales compared to the previous year
Target: 20.67 t-CO2e/100 million yen

6.3% reduction from the previous year intensity
19.48 tons-CO2e/100 million yen
Good Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
20% reduction in emissions (Base year : FY2013)
(FY2020 "Yokogawa Group Sustainability Target")
GHG other than energy-related CO2 : measure the emissions and manage related equipment

Identified and properly managed the equipment containing non-energy related GHG 

Good GHG other than energy-related CO2 : Emissions from air conditioners, temperature chambers, semiconductor equipment, etc.: Monitor emissions and strengthen the related facility management
Waste generation
2% reduction of Group intensity per sales compared to the previous year
Target : 1.26 tons/100 million yen

1.22 tons/100 million yen
Good Waste generation
Recycle waste and reduce final disposal
Water usage
- Each company grasps water usage status
- Enhance efficient use of water resources at production sites

- Analyzed the use of water for production and used water more efficiently
- Installed a cooling water circulation device for cyclic use of water
Good Water usage
Monitor water usage and enhance efficient water use
Increasing use of renewable energy

Promote the introduction of renewable energy toward the 2030 sustainability goals (reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions)

Development of a roadmap to year 2030 in progress

Good Promote the use of renewable energy
Reduction of environmental pollution risk Each company grasps the status of use of chemical substances

Recycled lubricant oil in machining process


Manage chemical substances(individual companies)

Improved waste water treatment

Installed CHF3 abatement device

Eco-Design Develop products that take into account environmental impacts from material procurement to manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal Complied with RoHS2 directives Good

Develop products with less environmental impacts through life cycle from material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal

- Registered 10 products in accordance with assessment standards
- Implemented design reviews as required
Provision of environmental solutions Expanding sales of environment-conscious products

As planned


Expand sales of environmental solutions

Environmental corporate citizenship

Promote nature conservation activities, other social activities and community activities

Implemented events to observe and learn about nature by "Yokogawa Green Volunteers" Good

Engage in nature conservation activities and other environment-related activities

Participated in local clean-up activities and other social contribution activities

Conducted plant tours for visitors to introduce environmental practices and technologies at our Kofu plants, Japaninfrastructure products through Kofu Plant tours