PROFIBUS GSD/EDD file - EJX-A Series EDD file

Related Products & Solutions

  • EJX115A

    • EJX115A Low Flow Transmitter
    • Differential Pressure (DP) Flow Transmitter
    • Attached to IFO assembly based on EJX-A Series
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  • EJX210A

    Flanged-mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter designed for Liquid-level applications based on the EJX-A Series.

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  • EJX310A

    • EJX310A Traditional-mount Absolute Pressure Transmitter
    • ± 0.075% Accuracy
    • ± 0.2% per 15 years Stability
    • 90 ms Response Time
    • Exida and TUV SIL 2/3 Certification
    • LPS
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  • EJX610A

    High Performance In-Line Mount Absolute Pressure Transmitter based on the EJX-A Series.

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  • Field Instruments

    A group of products that measure pressure, flow rate, temperature, and level, all of which are essential factors in plant operations. High-performance sensors ensure stable and high-precision performance under all circumstances.

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