Yokogawa DTM FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Yokogawa DTM FOUNDATION Fieldbus
Description Yokogawa DTM for third party frame application user, containing the device DTM's for Yokogawa’s FOUNDATION Fieldbus field devices.
Version 2020-2
Size 127.7 MB
Last Update April 22th, 2020
(1) This DTM download package can be used for third party FDT 1.2 or FDT 2.0 compliant frame applications. For detail, refer to ReadMe.txt inside the package.
(2) For the user who has no frame application, you need to get a FDT frame application such as FieldMate, PRM or PACTware.
To purchase a FieldMate license, please contact your local Yokogawa representative.
(3) For Yokogawa FieldMate user and PRM user, download Device Files corresponding to “FieldMate/PRM/Device Files User site” in Yokogawa Partner Portal.
FieldMate/PRM/Device Files User site
From the FieldMate/PRM/Device Files User site, you can get the latest Device Files set which contains the latest Yokogawa DTMs.


* Software Agreement
  • The property rights, proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, and all other rights associated with the software are held by Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
  • Under no circumstances is any dumping, reverse compiling, reverse assembly, reverse engineering, or any other kind of alteration or revision of this software allowed.
  • This software is offered free of charge, but no unlimited warranties are made against any defects whatsoever.
  • Also, Yokogawa may not be able to accept inquiries regarding repair of defects in or questions about this software.
  • The contents of this software are subject to change without prior notice as a result of continuing improvements to the software's performance and functions.
  • Yokogawa bears no liability for any problems that may occur during download or installation of this software.
  • Use of the Yokogawa Web site is at the user's own risk.
  • Any parties contributing to the creation or distribution of the contents on the Yokogawa Web site shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurring as a result of the use of said contents.

Downloading of the software indicates acceptance of the software agreement.

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