Massflow Measurement of Steam


Saturated steam measurement for massflow rate



Need to improve the current unstable measurement of steam flow rate.
Besides stable measurement, mass flow rate needs to be confirmed at this measuring point but minimize the number of additional measurement points.

Model : DY050/MV
Process Condition :
Size : 50 mm
Fluid : Saturated Steam ; 155 °C, 5.3 kg/cm2 abs
Flowrate : 0 - 1500 m3/h

Process Condition



digitalYEWFLO Multi-Variable type can measure flow rate and flow temperature in real time. Temperature fluctuation is simultaneously followed for the output.
This enables high accuracy measurement with temperature offset calculation by steam table, and limits the effect of flow change and boiler oscillation.

Multi-Variable Type

Shedder bar with built-in temperature sensor:
  • The shedder bar, which is strong enough to be used as a thermo-well, incorporates a RTD sensor (Pt1000, Class A) for temperature measurement.
  • Mass flow rate is calculated based on measured temperature.
  • A high level of safety is assured without the expense or installation of a temperature sensor, and additional process connection is not required.

Multi-Variable Type


Comparison test DATA of saturated steam measurement

digitalYEWFLO vs YEWFLO (general type) + Temperature input + Pressure input

Beneath data shows the equality of output signal from “digitalYEWFLO Multi-Variable type” and “mass flow computer, receiving the data from digitalYEWFLO(General type), temperature sensor and pressure gauge”.

Test Data

digitalYEWFLO always output the optimal vortex signal with making full use of the latest Digital signal processing technology, and minimize the effect of fluctuation or vibration noise coming from boiler.



digitalYEWFLO Multi-Variable type contributes to cost down, save-energy, and production efficiency of Saturated Steam measurement.



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