Process Liquid Analyzer Sensor Wiring Guide

The Liquid Sensor Wiring Guide makes finding the correct wiring for Yokogawa supported liquid analytical sensors simple. To use the guide, follow this 3-step process to find your sensor wiring:

  1. Select your measurement
  2. Select your sensor

No more wasted time flipping through instruction manuals. 


Sensor Wiring Guide

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    On-line measurements often present extra challenges, especially when routine maintenance is required. The PR10 is ideally suitable for applications where the sensors must be removed without interrupting or shutting down the process. Without any special tools the PR10 can be retracted safely from the process at pressures up to 5 bar (72 psi). Using the PR10 allows us to place any dissolved oxygen sensor that has a PG13.5 connenction into a retractable assembly.

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