Outputting Messages When Monitoring with Gas Analyzers

Outputting Messages When Monitoring with Gas Analyzers (DX1000)

Using the Event Action Function

Remote input (BCD code) Formula Alarm Internal Switch Event Action
D01 D02 D03 D04
o       101=D01 H=1 S01 Message number 1
  o     102=D02 H=1 S02 Message number 2
o o     103=D01+D02 H=2 S03 Message number 3
    o   104=D03 H=1 S04 Message number 4
o   o   105=D01+D03 H=2 S05 Message number 5
  o o   106=D02+D03 H=2 S06 Message number 6
o o o   107=D01+D02+D03 H=3 S07 Message number 7
      o 108=D04 H=1 S08 Message number 8

Many messages can be output even with a limited number of remote inputs by combining the remote input, computation, alarm, and event action functions.

Eight different messages can be written by combining four remote inputs with eight internal switches.

  • D01–D04 are data types added with DXAdvanced, accepting remote input as contact input values.
  • S01–S08 are internal switches of functions added with DXAdvanced.
  • Alarms are represented with flags (internal switches) rather than relay output, and are set as "events" of the Event Action function.


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