Expert Day Maintenance of Aging Assets

Dates: Sep 17, 2019
Location: Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Venue: Van der Valk

During the Maintenance of Aging Assets event on 17th September, you will hear success stories and tips about predictive maintenance & Smart Industries. With interesting practical cases by maintenance professionals from Bolletje, NS, BAM infrastructure and Yokogawa. There is also attention for the human aspect: how do you increase the influx of technical personnel, retain your good people and deploy them more effectively?

Benefits of this Expert Day at glance

  • Success stories on predictable maintenance & Smart Industries 
  • Learn from NS, BAM infrastructure and Yokogawa maintenance professionals
  • How do you retain and recruit technical personnel? 

Key-note The power of seamless data integration
In many production environments it is a challenge to get all relevant data integrated and visualized. A single dashboard that shows the real-time availability of the production process is therefore desirable. The recent developments in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offer new opportunities.

Senior Consultant Martijn Kramer is keen participant of Industry 4.0 developments and presents Yokogawa's view of reliable, secured and secure asset management. He outlines the fully integrated, digital platform for factory maintenance.
The platform combines all relevant data with regard to field assets, IT, safety, cyber security and operational performance. It creates an integrated Plant Status Overview that converts all information into usable insights, in which the availability of the plant can be managed more efficiently. Various maintenance activities, which are often based on routine, prove unnecessary and you can also replace them with more precise condition-based interventions. This improves the overall productivity of your production process and reduces plant downtime.

Maintenance of Aging Assets cards with a discount
IIR organizes the Maintenance of Aging Assets event on 17 September in Dordrecht. Especially for our customers we can offer a 50% discount on your € 699 ticket. We even have some free tickets! Please contact for more information.