Perks & Benefits

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive culture

We aim to recruit new talent who dare to bring change to our organization with new view and refreshing approach. A good balance between age, culture and background is important, knowing that diversity makes us richer. Currently, we are present in 66 countries. Within Yokogawa you will have several opportunities to work with colleagues from other countries with different backgrounds. Mentorship programs are also being set up to help you grow and learn from other colleagues, such as ‘women in leadership’.

Open communication & culture

We put a lot of focus in making sure you feel comfortable by providing an open, transparent, and flexible working environment. Colleagues from everywhere are there to help you and connect and low-level and open communication is highly encouraged.

Flexibility, autonomy & wellbeing

Like with our products, we expect high quality work, but we give a lot of freedom in return. Freedom in responsibilities, time, schedule, and growth. We have a flexible working policy in place, so our employees have the option when and where to start their working day. The physical and mental well-being of everyone is also very important to us. Therefore, we organize a variety of programs: Yoga in the Netherlands, trekking in Turkey, beach cleaning in the UK, book club in Romania, soccer activities in Germany, step challenge in Belgium, and more.

Long-term investment in development & growth

We believe strongly in the development of our employees. Therefore, when you work at Yokogawa, you will discover that there are several opportunities to improve and expand your knowledge. During your day you can spend a portion of your time following trainings through our e-learning environment, internal knowledge sharing or via an external provider. We have set up various programs such as the sales academy, leadership academy, mentorship programs and Local, Regional and Global Executive Talent committees (LET, RET & GET)

International company

We are a truly global company with around 75000 employees who work on all five continents with one corporate mission, to “co-innovate tomorrow”. 

High-quality products & solutions:

Every high-technology product from Yokogawa has to fulfil three basic criteria: Quality, Innovation, and Foresight. Besides being high quality, innovative and advanced, our products are also safe and durable. In other words, we supply smart technology, made by smart professionals.

Corporate social responsibility initiative

Yokogawa actively engages in green management practices and develops technologies that save energy and conserve resources.

Salary & package

You can expect a quality salary as well as other benefits. The specific benefits package you will receive will depend on the country you are starting your Yokogawa career in.