Maintenance Support System

Asset management just got smarter

In many production environments it is a challenge to get all relevant data integrated and visualized. A single dashboard that shows the real-time availability of the production process is therefore desirable. The recent developments in the field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offer new opportunities.

Real-time availability of the production process on a single dashboard
The Maintenance Support System (MSS) of Yokogawa offers a reliable, secured and secure asset management. Including a fully integrated, digital platform for factory maintenance. The platform combines all relevant data with regard to field assets, IT, safety, cyber security and operational performance. It creates an integrated plant status overview that converts all information into usable insights, in which the availability of the plant can be managed more efficiently. 

The power of seamless data integration
Various maintenance activities, which are often based on routine, prove unnecessary and you can also replace them with more precise condition-based interventions. This improves the overall productivity of your production process and reduces plant downtime. 

Maintenance Support System Advantages

  • Real-time data collection of any field, PLC/DCS, network and compute devices
  • Asset performance, compliancy and security insights via a single dashboard
  • Secure remote devices access and file transfer, fully controlled and monitored 
  • 24/7 managed service including all benefits of digitalization and Industry 4.0
  • Bringing people, process and technology together for digital transformation

More information
Would you like more information? Please contact MSS Squad leader Gerald Willemsen via, +31- (0)88 464 1312.



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