Temperature Control for Seal-heating Parts in Wrapping Machinery


The UT series of temperature controllers is perfect for controlling the heating temperature of sealing parts and the temperature of sealing rolls (pre-heating) in a variety of different wrapping machinery.

Temperature Control for Seal-heating Parts in Wrapping Machinery

  • It is possible to set two desired setpoints (SP) so the UT100 series can adapt flexibly to changes in ambient temperature (the difference between summer and winter temperatures) and the like;
  • Also equipped with start and stop functions, it is possible to interface the UT100 series with the operation of conveyor belts and the like, stopping the heater's temperature control temporarily when operation stops thus contributing to energy savings;
  • Because RS485 communication is possible, programmable logic controller (PLC) links are easily supported. It is possible to implement links to sequenced operations including not only writing desired setpoints (SP), but also reading measured values for heated parts, checking the status of alarms, and the above-mentioned stop and start functions, etc.
  • A timer function can be embedded, so by eliminating an externally-fitted timer it is possible to streamline the unit. Once the desired temperature is reached, the timer switches on, and when the set time period has elapsed, it turns on the relay contacts.


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The TC10 is a compact single loop temperature controller with an easy-to-read 3-color LED display. The shallow depth of the controller helps save to space. The TC10 supports easy configuration with codes for quick start-up.


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