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Bushu Pharmaceuticals, Ltd., a major contract manufacturing company, is working to eliminate human error to ensure the integrity of test results data, and to promote reliable inspections and paperless operations.

Bushu Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.

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Bushu Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. began operations in January 1999 as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical CMO business.
Our mission is "Supporting the global healthcare industry to create a healthier tomorrow". We are providing a broad range of service menus tailored to the needs of our customers, with the aim of becoming a "trusted, vibrant, and attractive pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company for our customers and people both domestic as well as worldwide."



Introduction Background and History

In addition to the increase in the number of items compared to several years ago, the demand for data integrity in test results has increased, and the amount of test records has increased.
In addition, because the results from analytical instruments were entered into Excel as well, double inputting occurred, resulting in an increase in the amount of work and human error when recording.

There was a lot of time spent by the tester on test recording, with the tester usually pressed for test time. Therefore, we wanted to improve the accuracy of testing by increasing the time required for the actual testing. In addition, LIMS was considered to be required to provide complete test records quickly at the time of inspection by the authorities and outsourcer.


Introduction Effect

Operability and usability of the system seemed to be good. Higher number of the members who watched the demonstration preferred the system to other companies' systems. The response from the person in charge was good. When selecting a manufacturer, we decided to introduce LIMS because not only sales but also all project members were able to meet and enjoy a sense of security.

  •  Recording paper has decreased and work has become easier.
  •  Transcription errors and typographical errors were reduced.
  •  The lead time for test recording, inspections, and decision approval was shortened.
  •  The records were electronic and inspection response was quicker.
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Future Prospects

We will continue to gradually convert test records to LIMS, improve data integrity, and develop a better laboratory control system.

By digitizing the test records as much as possible we will promote paperless operation and reduce the time required for test recording.


Company Overview

Company name Bushu Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.,
Head Office Kawagoe, Saitama
Business Description Contract manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals, Clinical samples, Supply Chain
URL https://www.bushu-pharma.com/en

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