Heat Control on a TV Picture Tube Production Line / Thomson Multimedia Polska Sp. zo.o. , Poland

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Heat Control on a TV Picture Tube
Production Line / Thomson Multimedia
Polska Sp. zo.o. , Poland

Thomson provides a wide range of video technologies, fi nished products and services to consumers and professionals in the entertainment and media industries. In 2002, the company had sales of 10.2 billion Euros (US$9.6 billion).

Thomson has four principal business divisions, each of which is working to facilitate the transition to digital media:

  • Content and Network
  • Consumer Products
  • Displays and Components
  • Patents and Licensing

Thomson distributes its products and services under the Technicolor, Glass Valley, RCA and Thomson brand names.

At the Thomson Multimedia Polska TV screen factory, Yokogawa controllers are supervising a glass forming process on a press that forms the funnel components used in the back part of a color picture tube. Eight YS170 series Yokogawa controllers supervise this forming process, performing realtime precision control of static pressures and air and water flows. Ten YS controllers are also used in the second phase of the picture tube production process, controlling a similar process on a press that forms the panel component at the front side of the picture tube. Thomson is planning to use 10 additional controllers on a new panel line that will begin operation next year, and, in all, there will be 28 YS170 controllers operating at Glass Plant Thomson Multimedia Polska.

Yokogawa's YS170 Single Loop Programmable Controller is an intelligent controller with user-selectable (preset) single-loop, cascade, auto-selector modes as well as a user-programmable modes. It comes in a compact IEC-size case.

Thomson came to Yokogawa with this request because they were already well familiar with Yokogawa's products, having 15 years of experience with YS80 series controllers.

These products are still working reliably at the Piaseczno plant. The customer appreciated the YS 170's fl exible programming capability and Yokogawa's long term support. This end-user is now very happy with the Yokogawa products that it has selected.


System: YS170-012/CE
System Configuration: 8 x YS170

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