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PhenoVista Biosciences is the leading provider of custom, imaging-based, phenotypic assay services. With a collaborative and scientifically driven project design and management approach, PhenoVista has a proven track record of delivering high-quality data from robust and scalable assays. PhenoVista’s key advantage lies in the ability of their industry-trained scientists to combine world-class understanding of diverse biological systems with cutting-edge quantitative imaging to deliver clear, actionable output data.




High-content screening continues to gain traction in the drug-discovery services industry due to its ability to identify and ultimately improve the physiological relevance and predict efficacy of drug candidates. Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies are not equipped with the required instrumentation nor knowledge to successfully develop and implement phenotypic assays, and therefore rely upon PhenoVista’s expertise and services to take advantage of these cutting-edge developments in the drug-discovery field. PhenoVista has grown enormously in the last five years to meet the growing interest and need for these high-throughput, high-content assays by assembling a team of talented scientists and a management style that emphasizes teamwork. To continue meeting client expectations and deliver excellent results, PhenoVista must use the most advanced and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. To keep pace with customer demand, these tools must be efficient without sacrificing data and information quality.



Expedited data acquisition and interpretation are critical to the drug discovery process, and Yokogawa’s CellVoyager CQ1 and CellPathfinder analysis software suite provide unprecedented access to analysis capabilities and interactive data observation. Designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, the CQ1 workflow optimizes every step in the process, from image acquisition to data analysis. The software CellPathfinder, Yokogawa’s flexible software solution for 2D and 3D high-content analysis, works seamlessly with the confocal image cytometer CQ1 acquisition system to provide interactive and intuitive graphs for understanding the results of complex experiments. The interface, specially designed for inspecting multi-well plates, uses deep-learning software for label-free brightfield analysis to identify cell phenotypes with the deep image-response function. CellPathfinder, paired with CQ1, identifies interesting targets and acquires a high-resolution second pass for further investigation of relevant biology of specific cells.



PhenoVista is optimistic and proud to partner with Yokogawa, a leader in providing high-content imaging and analysis solutions to the life sciences. PhenoVista prioritizes delivering exceptional data to its customers, and Yokogawa’s technologies will help in maintaining that goal.

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Yokogawa’s comment

We are excited to be selected by PhenoVista Biosciences to support their world-class team provide PhenoVista’s biopharma customers with an industry-leading platform for rapid and accurate 3D image acquisition and analysis. We anticipate that the CQ1 and CellPathfinder contributes PhenoVista’s high-content imaging and assay development experts to advance 3D modeling that provide increased value to their customers.


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