Yokogawa Releases High-speed, High-accuracy Positioning Modules for FA-M3 Series Range-free Multi-controllers

Tokyo, Japan - January 11, 2013

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release the F3YP22-0P, F3YP24-0P, and F3YP28-0P positioning modules for the FA-M3 series range-free multi-controllers on January 15. All three of these new modules are among the fastest and most accurate available in the industry.

The F3YP22-0P module is for 2-axis (2 motors) operation, the F3YP24-0P for 4-axis (4 motors), and the F3YP28-0P for 8-axis (8 motors). These new modules will be exhibited at the 42nd annual INTERNEPCON JAPAN trade fair, which will be held January 16 to 18 at the Tokyo Big Sight exposition center.

FA-M3 Range-free Multi-controller, Right: F3YP22-0P, F3YP24-0P, F3YP28-0P, Left: ToolBox Positioning Module SF663-MCW
FA-M3 Range-free Multi-controller
- Right: F3YP22-0P, F3YP24-0P, F3YP28-0P
- Left: ToolBox Positioning Module SF663-MCW

Development Background

The FA-M3 is a high-performance embedded controller that is used with electronic component/equipment assembly systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Positioning modules control the positioning movements of motors on production machinery. To bolster its existing lineup of high-performance positioning modules and meet the need for increased speed, accuracy, and cost-performance, Yokogawa has developed these new modules for the FA-M3. When used in combination with a Yokogawa CPU module that is among the fastest in this industry, these modules will help our customers reduce tact time (the amount of time needed to manufacture one product) and improve productivity.

Product Features

  1. Fast and accurate positioning control
    (a) High-speed startup
    With startup times of 40 µs for 1-axis operation, 90 µs for 4-axis operation, and 150 µs for 8-axis operation, these modules are among the fastest available in the industry today, and are three times faster than our previous models. Startup time refers to the interval between the receipt of instructions from a CPU module and the output of a positioning command (pulse signal) to a driving element such as a motor. High-speed startup improves productivity.

    (b) High-accuracy positioning control
    These modules have a 0.125 ms control cycle, which is faster than any other product on the market and eight times the speed of our previous models. The shorter control cycle ensures the smooth output of positioning command signals. This also improves the controllability of motors, enabling fast, smooth movement and inspection of items on production lines.

    (c) Suitable for high-speed and high-accuracy devices
    With a 7.996 Mpps pulse output rate, which is twice the speed of our previous models, these modules outperform all other products currently available on the market. The quick output of positioning command signals enables the control of the latest high-speed/high-accuracy linear and direct-drive motors.

    Fast and accurate positioning control


  2. Superior cost-performance
    To perform positioning startup in sequence with the movement of an index table (a positioning turntable) or conveyor, PLCs have typically relied on positioning modules and a pulse counter module that determines the degree of axis rotation. As a standard feature, Yokogawa's new positioning modules include a pulse counter function that can handle inputs of up to 8 Mpps, eliminating the need for pulse counter modules and reducing device footprint. As such, these modules are ideal for sequenced positioning startup applications where cost and installation space are key considerations.

    System Configuration

    Takashi Nishijima, Director, Senior Vice President of the Industrial Automation Platform Business Headquarters, comments as follows: "Yokogawa's leading-edge FA-M3V PLC is the result of our efforts to develop the industry's fastest, most expandable, and most reliable controller. This is widely used in electronic component/equipment and semiconductor manufacturing applications that require high speed, accuracy, and functionality. The newly-developed positioning modules enable increased accuracy in fabrication and manufacturing, while delivering superior cost-performance in production and inspection.

    "Yokogawa developed the industry's fastest CPU in 2010. When used in combination with this CPU, these I/O modules will satisfy our customers' need for increased speed. Yokogawa will continue to improve its products with the aim of reducing cycle time and improving productivity for our customers."

About the FA-M3 Series

A PLC is an embedded computer that controls the operation of industrial machines and devices such as electronic component/equipment assembly systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In September 1989, Yokogawa entered the PLC market with the FA500 mid- to large-range model. In December 1992, Yokogawa introduced the FA-M3 range-free controller series to cover the entire range of applications, from small to large. The FA-M3V was released in November 2010. (V stands for vitesse, the French word for speed.) Also available are the WideField3 programming tool for the FA-M3 series and the ToolBox parameter setup software for positioning modules. These help our customers efficiently develop and configure high-performance application programs. A new version of the ToolBox software is scheduled for release in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013.

Major Target Markets

Manufacturers of electronic component/equipment assembly systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipment


As an embedded controller for the above-mentioned systems and equipment


About Yokogawa

Yokogawa's global network of 90 companies spans 55 countries. Founded in 1915, the US$4 billion company conducts cutting-edge research and innovation. Yokogawa is engaged in the industrial automation and control (IA), test and measurement, and other businesses segments. The IA segment plays a vital role in a wide range of industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, and food. For more information about Yokogawa, please visit the company's website www.yokogawa.com

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