Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases 2558A AC Voltage Current Standard

Tokyo, Japan - March 5, 2013

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it will release the 2558A AC voltage current standard on March 6. The 2558A is a low-cost, high-precision instrument capable of outputting a wide range of AC voltages and currents for the calibration of electric meters and other devices. In terms of accuracy and other performance characteristics, this new model is a significant upgrade from our previous model, the 2558 AC voltage current standard, and has useful design features that improve both usability and efficiency.

2558A AC voltage current standard
2558A AC voltage current standard

Development Background

Voltage and current meters need regular calibration to ensure measurement accuracy. It can be very time consuming and expensive, however, to send a meter back to the manufacturer or some other service provider for calibration. Many companies thus have the need for a high-precision voltage/current standard or calibrator that will allow them to perform this work in house. There also is a need for such high-precision standards or calibrators in the development and inspection of meters and current transformers (CT).

Since the 1970s, Yokogawa has been offering instruments for measuring voltage, current, resistance, pressure, and temperature that set a high standard for precision, and is now regarded as one of the leading companies in this field. The 2558A is a high-precision AC voltage current standard that outputs a wide range of voltages and currents. This model is specialized for AC voltage/current generation, and is thus an ideal low-cost option for use in the calibration and inspection of meters and CTs.

Yokogawa will continue to extend its lineup of voltage/current standards to enhance the quality of development work and improve work efficiency, and thereby expand its high-precision measuring instruments business.

Product Features

  1. Wide-range output
    The 2558A can output a wide range of AC voltages (1.00 mV to 1200.0 V) and currents (1.00 mA to 60.00 A) at frequencies of 40 to 1000 Hz. The 2558A can thus calibrate and inspect almost all AC analog instruments.
  2. High accuracy and stability
    The accuracy (maximum error) is ±0.04% for AC voltage and ±0.05% for AC current, ensuring accurate calibration, and the stability is as high as ±0.005%/h.
  3. Improved usability
    The easy-to-read digital display and dials for setting each digit are intuitive to use. The current output terminals can be used for all measurement ranges, which improves work efficiency by eliminating the need to change cables for a specific current level.

    Major Target Markets

    • Calibration agencies and company standards laboratories
    • Developers and manufacturers of indicating instruments, clamp-on testers, electric relays, and CTs


    Calibration and inspection of measuring instruments and meters

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