Off-site & Terminal Management

Off-site Movement, Blending, and Terminal Management Solution

A terminal or large depot is a storage area where Oil, Gas, or Chemical products are received through cross-country pipelines, tanker trucks and/or marine vessels, which are then stored in a tank farm. These products are re-distributed by truck, barge, rail car, or other means. Yokogawa has accumulated more than 2 decades of experience in terminal automation and offers comprehensive knowledge and expertise in improving your logistic operations.

"Refining" is a process to produce various oil products from crude oil, to blend them into the final products and to ship to the decided destinations. In the refinery, process units called "on-site facilities". The other facilities in the refinery is called "off-site facilities" including storage facilities, oil movement facilities and blending facilities, etc. Yokogawa proposes the solutions for automating and optimizing the off-site operations.

Customer Challenge

Shipping Customer Orders Within the Quality, Safely, Efficiently, and Accurately is a Perennial Problem in Terminal Operations

A typical medium size terminal has more than 1,500 transfer operations a day, and countless sub-operations (line clearances, heating, circulation, etc.)

  • Every transfer and sub-operation needs to be tracked and recorded in detail, so that it can be charged to the client
  • Contamination & Demurrage caused by operation mistakes and equipment
  • Complexity due to multiple clients sharing resources
  • Uncertainty caused by shipping schedule, assets availability, parcel availability, etc
  • Gain/Loss accounting
  • Identification of shrinkage
  • Traffic Management
  • Blending

Our Solutions

Oil Movement Suite VP & Terminal Logistics Suite VP Helps You Overcome Your Challenges

Improve Safety:  Interlock procedures to avoid mis-operations, and integrated smart-alarm management to help reduce operator load, improving overall safety

Improve Efficiency:  Enabled by automated equipment scheduling, flexible route optimization, and blend recipe optimization. Together, these three ensure minimized turnaround time with optimized inventory usage

Improve Availability:  Due to the inbuilt intelligence, OMSVP and TLSVP automatically re-route operations around failed equipment ensuring optimum terminal operations. OMSVP and TLSVP is able to provide this capability due to its integration with leading edge Plant Asset Management systems.

Improve Human Reliability:  Simulated operations allow operators to learn in a safe environment - Advanced Operating Graphics supports the trained operators by making complex operations clear and simple, focusing on the most important tasks at hand - but when mistakes do happen, we catch them... the system will then track equipment services to avoid contamination

Customer Benefits

Increased Profit & Increased Availability by Overcoming Logistic Challenges

Reduce Demmurage for Vessel, Just in-time Delivery

  • Precise and speedy operation result in less demmurate

Tracability of Operation, Materials, Products, Quality

  • Event and operation is recorded sot

Support the Business Process from Purchase Order to Payment

  • Seamless connectivity to ERP, business process and control process integration help operation more efficient and robust

Support to Keep Operation Safety, to Keep Quality Correct, to Keep Turn-around Time Short

  • Precise instruction and accurate control results in improving turn-around time
  • Procedural operational support improve safety without making mis-operation

Increase Profit

  • Real-time Loading/Unloading information and inventory data helps to optimize operation
  • Speed-up operations precisely
  • Operational assists by the system lead to less mis-operation
  • Optimization in logistics by using most efficient route, reducing line flushes
  • Eliminate contamination
  • Real-time terminal data ensures business sustainability
  • Data tracking ensures quality throughout the whole process

Increase Availability

  • Real-time inventory data ensures loading and delivery
  • Equipment run-time monitoring provides maintenance timing to keep equipment functioning properly


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