Co-Creating Value

We expect that the global business environment will be much more complex five to ten years from now. With the rising number of corporate alliances and greater integration of activities that transcend industrial boundaries, the pursuit of new value will increasingly be done in cooperation with other groups.
We are considering new business models as well as key technologies and market expertise.

Example: Battery Life Management

Lithium ion and other types of high performance batteries are widely used in electric vehicles and distributed power stations because they emit no CO2 and can be recharged with electricity generated from sunlight and other renewable energy sources. A drawback, however, is the difficulty of disposing large numbers of these batteries once they reach the end of their service life. For this to be a truly sustainable technology, battery lifecycle management must be considered and established.




Battery Ecosystem

In collaboration with customers, Yokogawa is developing a value chain and business ecosystem for the battery industry that is based on our strengths in the measurement, control, and information fields.