Yokogawa Technical Report

"Yokogawa Technical Repoert" is a technical journal which includes articles about technologies and product information developed by Yokogawa.

Contribution of Yokogawa’s System Business to Achieving the SDGs

Yokogawa’s AI Vision and Initiatives

Yokogawa’s Approach to IT/OT Convergence

SDGs ‒P&W Business, Analyzer Business‒

Technical Report

Sushi Sensor

Yokogawa’s Life Science Business

Co-innovative R&D with Customers

A New Trend in the Product Business

Using Data for Plant Operation


A 100-year History of Yokogawa’s Measurement Business

The Security of Control Systems

Technical Report

Research and Development
―Prompting a change in human behavior―


Evolution of Dynamic Process Simulator toward Innovative Plant Operation

Field Wireless

Measuring Instruments Pioneering New Fields

New Progress of Control System

VigilantPlant Services

Field Instruments and Process Analyzers Gaining More Intelligence

Energy Conservation and Environmental Preservation Special Issue

R&D Special Issue