Maintaining a Future Perspective

Yokogawa seeks not only to perpetuate its business activities, but to continue being a responsible contributor to society long into the future. To this end, the Yokogawa Group is continually engaged in the planning of future scenarios that will make certain its R&D investments remain relevant and consistently give rise to value.

Future Sense: Multiple Scenarios for the Future

In 2011, Yokogawa held Global Scenario Workshops (GSW) in the United Kingdom, India, and the United States. Experts from various companies, research institutions, and industry associations as well as journalists and other interested parties gathered to discuss the topic of “Future Sense: Yokogawa’s Multiple Scenarios for the Future.”

Future Sense2012 (PDF: 492KB/20P)

Three Innovations for a new industrial era

As consumer economies continue to emerge and expand, people’s lives are increasingly impacted by the scarcity of resources. Yokogawa’s scenarios point to the possibility that scarcities of food, energy, and water may come to determine the course of world events.

Scarcity of food: This is not only about quantity; it can also involve perceptions on quality as the ranks of consumers who insist on food safety and reliability grow.
Scarcity of energy: Energy demand is likely to continue rising despite advances in energy conservation technologies.
Scarcity of water: Large quantities of water will be required to generate energy.

Yokogawa believes that achieving a sustainable society by 2025 is a realistic goal, despite the fact that resources are limited. However, this belief is premised on three types of innovation that are associated with a shift in people's values:

  1. Innovation in human behavior
  2. Innovation in organizational and social networks
  3. Innovation in the individuals (human capital) that make up these networks

Together with its customers, Yokogawa seeks to help bring about these innovations and provide the services and technologies needed for a radically industrializing world.

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