Introduction to Exaquantum/Batch

Exaquantum/Batch is a scalable ISA-88 based Batch Information Management System which collects and stores batch production, equipment and recipe information for tracking and analysis. Exaquantum/Batch can be used with Exaquantum/BRU and Exaquantum/LDX for recipe and lab data management to achieve improved efficiency, quality, plant utilization while providing KPI visibility of all relevant information for key stakeholders.

Related Products & Solutions

Batch Data Historian (Exaquantum/Batch)

Exaquantum/Batch is an intelligent ISA-88 Batch Information System. It provides verified analysis and reporting facilities that collect, store and display current and historical data from batch production, equipment and recipe viewpoints.

Manufacturing Operations Management

Manufacturing Operations Management (also called Manufacturing Execution Systems) is a method for visualizing the end-to-end process, with a goal of optimizing efficiency.