Diaphragm Seal System

What Is a Diaphragm Seal System?

Suitable for multiple applications, diaphragm seals prevent process medium from entering directly into the pressure-sensing assembly of a differential, gauge, or absolute pressure transmitter.

What Are the Benefits of Diaphragm Seal Systems?

Differential Pressure Level Solutions measure the liquid level, density, flow, and pressure of high/low temperature fluids, highly corrosive/high viscosity fluids, fluids which may cause clogging of impulse piping in low temperatures, toxic fluids, and fluids containing suspended solids that are deposited in the impulse piping and may cause clogging




Yokogawa DPharp EJA/EJX Pressure transmitters do not need frequent re-zeroing due to superior long term stability, it contributes to reduce maintenance time.


Incorrect measurements can cause tanks to overflow creating potential safety or environmental problems; or, low levels can cause pump damage.


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