pH and ORP Sensors for Pharmaceutical Applications

Yokogawa is working with HAMILTON to offer our customers best-in-class pH sensors for pharmaceutical applications. These sensors feature the latest innovations in pH glass formulation, reference systems, and reference electrolytes. 

They offer supperior accuracy and stability, even after repeated sterilizations. The documentation available for download describes the breadth of sensors available, so please contact us so we can assist you with your specific application.

  • Designed specifically for the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Rugged designs withstand repeated sterilizations, autoclavation and CIP
  • Sensor armatures designed to meet Pharmaceutical sanitary requirements

Current trend for increasing mercury awareness throughout the public sector has caused the government to take action. Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has focused their efforts on controlling mercury levels produced in various coal fired power plants. Based on information from several case studies, the EPA developed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards to cut back mercury emissions. The most popular technology utilized by coal plants to meet the new standards is a scrubber which cleans the off gas from the combustion process. ORP sensors can further monitor the effluent from these scrubbers to ensure optimal mercury emission levels are achieved. By closely monitoring the mercury concentrations in the effluent, plant managers will be able to easily confirm their plants are meeting the EPA's standards.


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