Quick insight into the status of your plant

As a manager you want to produce as efficiently as possible, without this being at the expense of people and the environment. Thanks to the digital transformation it is possible to monitor and operate remotely, but this brings also new risks. Yokogawa has developed various assessments to help you make these cost/safety trade-offs and to achieve a plant that functions as optimally as possible. This is our top 3 assessments that gives a quick but deep insight into the status of your plant:

1.    Operational Excellence
There are numerous examples where operators can use support. Such as distractions caused by a multitude of unnecessary alarms or busy multicoloured graphics. Important information is lost during shift handover and the quality of a batch can strongly depend on the operator's experience. Ergonomics also plays an important role in the fitness of the operators, shift work takes a high toll both physically and mentally. With this assessment, we examine how operators can carry out their work as efficiently and reliably as possible.


2.    Cybersecurity
Not only in IT, but also in the OT cybercrime is an increasing threat. The IEC62443 has become an important standard in the industry to counter this threat. Yokogawa cybersecurity experts are also ethical hackers, who know this standard inside out and have already carried out dozens of Risk Assessments so you can protect your plant from new security threats.


3.    Functional Safety
The extraction of oil and gas, their processing in the (petro-) chemical industry and in other industries have at least one common denominator: it must be done safely. For example, nobody wants a repeat of the recent spill in the north of France, that severely polluted a river. Accidents not only cost a lot of money, but also create great damage to nature and even can cost human lives. Yokogawa has been a typical safety-first organisation for more than 60 years and protects many processes at plants, which are tested by independent and certified Functional Safety experts.


How does an assessment work?
In essence, all assessments follow the same protocol, based on the golden triangle of People, Process and Technology. After the intake, a Yokogawa consultant visits the plant and examines the chosen subject. The technical infrastructure, documentation and interviews with various employees such as operators, engineers, supervisors and (technical) managers take place. The site survey and interviews take one to three days. Based on the results, a report is written containing an evaluation of the current status, advice on improvements and how they can be applied in practice. 

The benefits at a glance

  • The assessments are always product independent
  • Experienced consultants who carry out many assessments per year
  • The report forms a blueprint with tangible conclusions for an improvement path

Yes, I am interested
Would you like more information? Please ask your local contact person of Yokogawa or contact Jan-Willem Oortwijn, Contract Manager in the Netherlands via jan-willem.oortwijn@nl.yokogawa.com, +31 88 464 1339.