Yokogawa participates in World Cleanup Day again

Yokogawa is participating in the global citizens' initiative World Cleanup Day for the second year in a row, because if you look at our long-term goals, we consider sustainability and social responsibility important. That's why we support this initiative and like to - cross Europe! - roll up our sleeves against litter and plastic soup. 

Yokogawa is actively working on the energy transition 
Yokogawa optimizes automation processes for large factories where efficiency, safety and sustainability are key. To help make our industry more sustainable, we go one step further. Yokogawa ultimately wants to realise net zero emissions and make the transition to a circular economy. To reduce CO2 emissions, we are deploying innovative technology - together with partners. We do this by, among other things, investing in the energy transition with reusable, low-carbon energy and liquid natural gas solutions. 

The snowball effect of World Cleanup Day
Because of the corona, many Yokogawa employees work (if possible) from home and according to a schedule in phases in the office premises. That's why we decided to set up the Plastic Soup Foundation initiative remote this time and immediately ask our European branches to participate in the World Cleanup Day. And we succeeded! All over Europe, Yokogawa employees and sometimes even family members will check in online via Microsoft Teams on Saturday 19 September, after which everyone will go into his or her neighbourhood and grab waste. After the Cleanup action we will meet again virtually to share our litter collections. We expect a lot of mouth caps and plastic gloves this year... 

Together we can make a difference against litter
The goal of World Cleanup Day goes beyond cleaning up as much litter as possible. They also want to gather more knowledge about what kind of waste roams the streets and in nature. With the Litterati app, volunteers map this out. The importance of recording the waste that is being cleaned up makes sense: with this kind of information, the producer can, for example, develop other packaging materials. In this way, we ensure that we can really make a difference in the fight against litter.

Regular cleaning up works 
We hope of course that this cleanup campaign will have a durable character among the Yokogawa employees. For example, there is a colleague who makes weekly rounds in his neighbourhood and collects a full bucket of waste each time. And another colleague who walks her dog not only cleans up the dog turd with the shovel, but also the litter she comes across. A win-win situation because research has shown that people are more likely to throw garbage away if there is any! 
Do you also want to participate? Please do join us, you can find more information here.

Dates: Sep 19, 2020
Location: Europe
Venue: Coordination from the Netherlands
Website: https://www.worldcleanupday.org/