How do you control asset information with Machine Learning? (Dutch)

Dates: Jun 23, 2021 11:30 AM CEST
Location: FHI online Predictive Maintenance days
Venue: Live webinar FHI Predictive Maintenance online knowledge days

COVID-19 has drastically increased interest in a digital workplace in almost every industry. Companies are rapidly adopting digital technologies that are available from any location. Especially when they provide more integrated control of labour and assets.

However, this means that management must enable their employees to cope with this new way of working. They need to improve the skills of their employees today and make asset information (ERP, CMMS, PIMS, P&ID, PDF, scans, work orders, inspection report etc.) accessible and available.

Marcel Kelder of Yokogawa explains how Machine Learning is used in a brownfield environment to access asset information regardless of where the information is stored and in what format, and how the integrity of the asset information is increased.

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FHI Predictive Maintenance online knowledge days

This year, FHI organises the second Predictive Maintenance online knowledge week. Interesting days where knowledge sharing is central and FHI knowledge partners - including Yokogawa - share their experiences in the field of Predictive Maintenance in the industry. With tips to get started in your own environment. From sensor to data, from data to a concrete approach.