How does our industry in Europe keep up with the global economy?

Dates: Jun 23, 2021 2:15 PM CEST
Location: Online live webinar PCIC Europe

Industrial autonomy is playing an increasingly important role for our customers, partly because of its great sustainability benefits. We have translated this digital transformation (DX) journey into an interesting webinar. Presented by one of our IA2IA experts: Patrick Kools, who speaks inspiringly about this topic. With practical experiences and the thesis: how does our industry in Europe keep pace with the global economy?

Introduction of the speaker Patrick Kools

Patrick Kools has been with Yokogawa for 5 years and is an Energy Transition Business Executive in the field of industrial autonomy. As a Sustainable Industry Leader, he is currently studying Sustainable Business at Cambridge University. And as a visionary speaker, Patrick brings people and technology together, focusing on how our industry can keep up with the global competition and help the next generation thrive.

Interested? Check the agenda for the full programme. You can register for this PCIC Europe online conference - the fee is 250 EU - including the Yokogawa webinar.

PCIC Europe virtual event 2021

This year, PCIC is organising the Europe Annual Electrical and Automation Knowledge Sharing event for the 17th time. In 3 days the PCIC knowledge partners and sponsors - including Yokogawa - will share their industrial experiences supported by an in-depth white paper.