The 1st step towards autonomous maintenance

3 customer cases how to react to an unstable economy

COVID, the falling oil price and the ageing population are causing an unstable economic environment. How can you respond to this flexibility? How can you increase uptime? Reduces costs? And improve safety?

Watch the recording of this webinar in which Hans Hennekam will discuss three customer cases that are on their way to autonomous maintenance. With an efficient approach to manage plant assets, they regain control over Managed Services, Security, Safety, Remote access and Asset Health status.

Hans Hennekam – Functional Director New Business Development

For whom?
Plant managers, Maintenance Managers, Asset Managers and anyone interested in maintenance or autonomous operations.


  • The benefits of autonomous maintenance in terms of safety, productivity, efficiency and Sustainability
  • 3 practical customer cases including approach and lessons learned
  • The efficient approach to autonomous maintenance
Dates: Mar 23, 2021
Location: Recording WebEx

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About OpreX Enterprise Business Optimization

Solutions that operate in real time to maximize the utilization of management resources.

Asset Management

Our comprehensive Asset Management solution looks at common challenges from aging assets and loss in maintenance knowedge/capability to reduced maintenance budget and increasing asset complexity to help you achieve the greatest return.

Asset Performance Management

With the Asset Performance Management (APM) solution, an environment that enables cross-sectional analytics of the process data and asset data can be established. Yokogawa and KBC’s professional consultants can provide suitable suggestions for improvement from both business and production perspectives.

Basic Maintenance Services

Providing prompt solutions and reliable services 24/7 with comprehensive Global Service Network and Escalation system.

Intelligent Asset Management

Yokogawa makes it easier to maintain your plant via system-integrated field instrumentation. Field Digital Integration services enable intelligent device management and flexible binding.

Lifecycle Agreement (Sustainable Plan)

By entering into a contract with Yokogawa, customers can utilize the "One-Stop-Shop" maintenance service to ensure stable and continuous operation.

Managed Service

Yokogawa’s OpreX Managed Service provides integrated asset management service for all your assets, including PCs, controllers, field devices, cybersecurity, and IIoT devices. Delivering real-time clarity and insight on asset performance, reliability, and security, OpreX Managed Service improves maintenance effectivity and efficiency, and contributes to reducing unplanned downtime. 

OpreX Asset Management and Integrity

Solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve facility reliability and availability. We ensure that our customers can respond quickly to any business opportunities that may arise due to changes in market conditions.

OpreX Sustainable Maintenance

The optimization of plant performance through the planned implementation of maintenance, security, monitoring, predictive / preventive maintenance, and system upgrade solutions that cover the entire plant lifecycle.

Predictive Maintenance of Pump Cavitation
(Cavitation Detection System)

By detecting cavitation, quantifying information on this, and displaying this data in real time, this system provides an early indication of conditions that can result in a degradation in pump performance.


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