Wireless Solution for Industrial IoT - Sushi Sensor ( Turkish )

Dates: Oct 20, 2021
Location: WebEx
Website: https://cp.yokogawa.com/20211020-YEF-TR-Register-Form.html

Yokogawa developed the Sushi Sensor, which consists of a sensor that collects key data in equipment maintenance and functions that quantify, accumulate and analyze this data, allowing operators to make objective decisions.

By strengthening the collaboration between operating systems and equipment maintenance systems, Sushi Sensor achieves Asset Performance Management (APM), which optimizes all phases from the detection of equipment conditions by sensors to decisions regarding appropriate actions by operators.

Yokogawa's Asset Performance Management (APM) not only optimizes equipment maintenance but also improves the operation of the entire facility.

You are invited to our webinar for more information!

Date: 20 October 2021, 14:00 - 14:45 TRT

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Metin Boylu
PCI Account Manager,
Yokogawa Türkiye