World Hydrogen Congress (Dutch)

Dates: Oct 4 - 6, 2021
Location: PTA Congress Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Join us for the 2nd Annual World Hydrogen Congress - the leading senior executive, content-rich, networking congress for the hydrogen production, distribution and storage of the clean hydrogen industry.

Top 3 reasons to sign up for the World Hydrogen Congress

  1. Tap into high quality, expertly curated content from hydrogen thought leaders across the globe.
  2. Participate in stimulating presentation discussions and case studies from expert speakers.
  3. Boost your network of trusted contacts through and meet the entire hydrogen value chain under one roof.

Yokogawa helps the industry with energy transition

Yokogawa helps the industry with energy transition At Yokogawa, sustainability is high on the agenda. That's why we use innovation and technology to reduce our customers' CO2 emissions and to help the industry with its energy transition. Digital Transformation and Industrial Autonomy (IA2IA) are key to making a plant more stable, efficient and energy-saving.

But Yokogawa is also working on reusable low-carbon energy and LNG solutions. And together with Hydrohub we optimise water electrolysers to produce hydrogen from renewable energy. Do meet us our booth (number A4).

Yokogawa’s Sustainable Industry Leader

On 5 October, Patrick Kools will be a Green hydrogen panel member of Stream C 'Green Hydrogen Updates' from 14:00 - 14:40. This team will brainstorm about green hydrogen and the energy transition. Patrick works for Yokogawa and is an Energy Transition Business Executive in the field of industrial autonomy.

As a Sustainable Industry Leader, he studies green industries at Cambridge University. And as a visionary speaker, Patrick brings people and technology together, with a particular focus on how our industry can keep up with global competition and help the next generation thrive.

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For hydrogen applications, Yokogawa provides specific instrumentation, analyzers, safety and control systems. Overarching energy management solutions can integrate your green hydrogen production plant with your existing brown field facility. Interested why the plant of the future is in good hands at Yokogawa? Visit:

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