Discover the weaknesses in your cyber security (Dutch)

Dates: Nov 8, 2022
Location: FHI Cyber Security event

Establish real-time protection in OT against cyber threats

You read about it regularly in the media. Companies are being hacked, resulting in business operations and/or production being shut down, company data being gone, or customer data being captured.

How do you make sure it doesn't come to that? And how do you get operational again as soon as possible if it does happen? During the Industrial Cyber Security event, speakers including Yokogawa will clarify at various levels how to get and keep your cyber security in order.

Discover live cyber security weaknesses within your organisation

The current cyber risk to an OT security system is well known. The technology is in place to defend the system. But how do you train your team to be prepared for a cyber attack? And how do you measure whether you are so far along in the event of a real incident?

The answer to these questions is discussed by Mark Hellinghuizer in Yokogawa's contribution based on his practical experience as Senior Consultant Plant Network Security where he offers pragmatic tools.

Free registration for FHI Cyber Security event

Interesting? Also join us at Hart van Holland in Nijkerk on 8 November. As a knowledge partner, Yokogawa is ready to discuss your cyber security issues. Register now for this free event where Yokogawa will give one of the presentations.