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My Responsibility

A sales engineer, proposing systems and solutions, including the Manufacturing Execution System, to solve challenges at pharmaceutical manufacturing sites.

My Customers

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Customers’ Challenge

Stable production of safe and reliable pharmaceutical products.


What Yokogawa Offers

Smart GMP Factory solutions and consultation for solving manufacturing challenges.

My Commitment

I was the kind of child who spent a lot of time looking at illustrated books on the human body from an early age, and I found myself interested in the medical field. As a middle and high school student, I was excited about the news of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine regarding iPS cells, and in university, while researching disease-causing genes, I considered how I could contribute to people's health in the future, in other words, save people from the suffering of diseases.

Support stable production of safe and reliable pharmaceutical products. I decided to work for Yokogawa because they provide the systems to achieve this mission. By implementing Yokogawa’s systems in pharmaceutical companies, we can help deliver the necessary amount of medicines to the people who need them and save as many people as possible. Currently, as a sales engineer, I work closely with customers.

Yokogawa Life Business Vision

I am proud of my job because supporting our customers and working with them to solve their manufacturing challenges is in line with my belief in saving more people from the suffering of diseases. This also aligns with the Yokogawa LIFE Business vision BIA.






We will lead the world in advancing
 “Bio Industrial Autonomy (BIA)”, and
contribute to a future embracing global harmony.

Together with my colleagues who share this vision, we are working to make it a reality. Going forward, I would like to meet more customers on site, experience their challenges firsthand and propose solutions from a broad perspective. Connecting this experience to my personal growth, I hope to take on the challenge of creating new value that will help save even more people from the suffering of diseases.

Yokogawa’s total solutions to realize Pharma 4.0

Effective, efficient, and continuous quality improvement efforts based on scientific evidence or pharmaceutical quality systems (PQS) are necessary throughout the pharmaceutical product lifecycle and according to the definition in the ICH-Q12 Product Lifecycle Management (PLCM) guidelines.

At the same time, environmental changes such as the deterioration of risk/reward ratio in drug discovery have led to increased demands for profit generation in drug manufacturing. To move beyond the hurdles and to rise above this dilemma, more advanced manufacturing systems are needed that can both reform operations through digitalization and comply with pharmaceutical regulations.


Smart GMP Factory


Based on our experience in implementing more than 1,000 systems for APIs, drug formulations, and biotechnology, Yokogawa supports all phases from conception to implementation of a total system that satisfies both productivity and quality assurance level.


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    The pharmaceutical industry currently faces a major challenge in taking full advantage of the opportunities presented in large emerging markets. Now, more than ever, pharmaceutical companies need to introduce lean manufacturing techniques that will enhance profitability. As one of the world's leading industrial automation suppliers, Yokogawa is committed to delivering the best possible solutions for your best manufacturing practices.

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