Air Supply Measurement for Reactors


A chemical company used variable area flowmeters to measure air flow as a key component to their reactors. In reviewing the technology, and aging variable area flow meters, the client identified with inaccurate flow measurements due to the fact that the VA meters could fluctuate up to 10% with seasonal air temperature cycles. The quality of the product is impacted significantly when air flow volume is higher or lower than required for process conditions.
Therefore, the client decided to replace the aged VA flowmeters for further improvement of product quality with vortex flowmeters with temperature compensation function.

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The digitalYEWFLO vortex flowmeter multi-variable (MV) type is suitable for this process due to the following reasons.

  1. Individual thermometer is not necessary for temperature compensation. A temperature sensor is built into the digitalYEWFLO/MV.
  2. Temperature compensation function is running in digitalYEWFLO/MV. Compensated flow process volume is sent to the host control system.
  3. Existing 2-wire communication cable can be used. No additional cabling is required.

digitalYEWFLO Vortex Flowmeter Multi-Variable Type and Process Outline


Field data

The digitalYEWFLO vortex flowmeter MV type enables more accurate control of supplied air volume to the reactors due to built in temperature compensation. Productivity improvement achieved through enhanced flow measurement with digitalYEWFLO MV technology.

Field data



Wiring and Installation : Multi-variable (MV) type digitalYEWFLO installation is cost effective when replacing the 2-wired flowmeter. Comparative 4-wire mass flowmeters require new installation of wiring. MV type digitalYEWFLO reduces the installation cost by approx. 25%, compared to other mass flowmeter solutions. It delivers time savings as well.
Below graph reflects typical cost of digitalYEWFLOW vs mass flowmeter installation.

Total cost comparison of flowmeter introduction

Total cost comparison of flowmeter introduction

Construction cost comparison of flowmeter introduction

Construction cost comparison of flowmeter introduction

* Scaffolds setting and labor costs are included


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