Equipment Maintenance in a Power Plant

(Acquisition of Data on Turbine Temperature and Vibration)

Measures temperature and vibration of the turbine for rapid identification of abnormalities.

  • Select from a variety of inputs such as Cu input sensors (/N1 option)
  • Monitor and record alarms upon occurrence of temperature, vibration, and abnormalities.
  • Connect with Data Logging Software GA10 for data acquisition and analysis when abnormalities occur.

Equipment Maintenance in a Power Plant

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Data Logging Software GA10

The latest software that enables you to build a DAQ system without programming. Designed for maximum compatibility with Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, temperature controllers, and power monitors, GA10 can also acquire data via Modbus communications.

µR10000 & µR20000

The μR series are the compact industrial recorders with the recording widths of 100 mm (μR10000) and 180 mm (μR20000). Measured data can be saved to an SD memory card while recording on chart paper.


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