Stable, Long-Term Measurement of Exhaust Gases in Municipal Refuse Incinerators

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Stable, Long-Term Measurement of Exhaust Gases in Municipal Refuse Incinerators

Reduction of air pollutant emissions is essential to protecting the environment and this is an issue that concerns all industries. Efforts are being made to reduce the emission of harmful substances from municipal refuse incinerators by measuring concentrations of components such as NOx, SO2, CO2, and CO in their exhaust gases. These gases contain large quantities of moisture and dust, which interferes with stable measurement. Incorporating all of Yokogawa's extensive sampling systems know-how, the SG700 stack gas analyzer demonstrates stable operation over long periods of time under such conditions, and has been well received in the market.

Expected Benefits

  • Ensures stable, long-term measurement of incinerator exhaust gas components
  • Reduces operating costs

Process Overview

Municipal Refuse Incinerator

Municipal Refuse Incinerator

Municipal refuse incinerators handle a wide variety of raw household waste, and the exhaust gases contain fine dust, hydrochloric acid (HCl) gas, and other substances even after passing through dust collection and denitration processes.

Solution Details

Field Data

Sampling System for a Municipal Refuse Incinerator

Sampling System for a Municipal Refuse Incinerator

Process Conditions

Measurement point Dust collector outlet (stack inlet)
Temperature 200 to 400 °C
Pressure –1 to 150 kPa
Dust content ≤50 mg/Nm3
Moisture content 10 to 30 vol%

Measurement system (customized)

Probes Heating probe (insertion length: 1 m)
Stack gas analyzer (NO, SO2, O2) Model: SG700-C-1☐☐☐☐.......

Structure of Heating Probe

Structure of Heating Probe


Sample gas contains moisture. To prevent dust clogging caused by condensation, a heating type filter probe (200°C) should be used (one-touch maintenance).

Special Note

This system can also be used in other high-moisture, high-dust applications, such as boilers for utility generation, coal-fired boilers, and sludge incineration boilers.

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