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Research and Development / Innovation

Main activities

Maintaining a Future Perspective

This activity is aimed at staying one step ahead of shifts in values so as to be able to pioneer the creation of new markets.

Co-Creating Value

This is about interacting with our customers' R&D personnel to implement breakthrough investigative research that solves problems and develops hypotheses for generating new markets.

Obtaining Core Technologies

The primary function here is to strategically obtain and manage key intellectual properties that are vital for taking the initiative in new markets.

Future Oriented R&D

The Yokogawa Innovation Headquarters leads the Yokogawa Group’s future-oriented R&D initiatives and carries out all the tasks formerly handled by the Corporate R&D Headquarters.

Our Mission is:
To develop new markets and, in pursuit of that, acquire advanced technologies.
To maintain competitiveness, we will conduct research and development focusing on our core competencies, establish and put into practice an intellectual property strategy, and foster the development of capable engineering personnel.

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