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GX20W Paperless Recorder Wireless Model

The GX20W is a paperless recorder that includes a gateway function for ISA100 field wireless systems. The GX20W displays data from various kinds of wireless field devices, and measured data from I/O modules on the main unit in real time.

Easy installation

  • Mountable on recorder type panels (same outer dimensions as our GX20).
  • Gateway function is integrated with the recorder; wirelessly display and monitor data directly from field wireless devices.
  • Highly portable, ideal for moving from site to site for monitoring.

Inherits the high performance and functionality of the GX20 Paperless Recorder

  • Large variety of input/output modules available. Scalable up to 100 channels.
  • Intuitive touch panel operation plus a variety of display functions.

Supports the ISA100.11a*1 international wireless communication standard

  • Advanced encryption maintains secure communications.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols allowing use of transmitters from a variety of manufacturers

Includes all of the YFGW710's ISA100 gateway functions (System Manager and Security Manager)

  • BBR function: Access point installed on the wireless network
  • System manager function: Controls the wireless network. Enables control of the wireless device channels, communication timing, and monitoring of the wireless network.
  • Security manager function: Manages wireless network security.

*1. Industrial wireless communication standard from the International Society of Automation (ISA)

Paperless recorder specifications Equivalent to the GX20 SMARTDAC+ Paperless Recorder
Wireless specifications Communication protocol Conforms to ISA100.11a (IEEE802.15.4)
Frequency band 2400 – 2483.5 MHz
Output power 11.6 dBm max (fixed)
Reference sensitivity level -95 dBm or less
Communication speed 250 kbps
Wireless security AES 128 bit encryption
Connectable field wireless devices 50 max.
Antenna +2 dB omni-directional antenna
Wireless certifications R&TTE: EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-17, FCC: Part15 SubpartB, IC: ICES-003, Japanese Radio Law
EMC EN61326-1 Class A Table2, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN55011 Class A Group1
Safety standards EN61010-1, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-2-030


GX20W Paperless Recorder Wireless Model: Example System Configuration

as of March, 2017

The SD cards of the following manufacturers have been verified for use with SMARTDAC+® GX/GP/GM, µR10000™/µR20000™ and FX1000™. However, please note that Yokogawa does not guarantee normal operation of the SD card when using with products listed below.

Applicable Models: GX10, GX20, GX20W
Applicable Models: GP10, GP20
Applicable Models: GM10

√: Verified
Manufacturer Capacity Manufacturer Model GX10 GX20 GP10 GP20 GX20W GM10
SanDisk 16GB SDSDXS-016G  
SanDisk   8GB SDSDXS-008G  
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXVE-032G
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXS-032G
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXL-032G
SanDisk 16GB SDSDXL-016G
SanDisk   8GB SDSDXL-008G

Applicable Models: µR10000/EM1, µR20000/EM1 

√: Verified
Manufacturer Capacity Manufacturer Model µR10000/EM1 µR20000/EM1
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXVE-032G
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXS-032G

Applicable Models: FX1000

√: Verified
Manufacturer Capacity Manufacturer Model FX1000
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXVE-032G
SanDisk 32GB SDSDXS-032G

In rare cases, the SD card is not recognized or generates an error when inserted into the instrument. If this occurrs, try the following.

  • Eject the SD card, then reinsert it.
  • Replace with a SD card that you know to be working normally.
  • Format the SD card on the Products (all data on the card will be deleted).

Please direct inquiries regarding the other manufacturers' verified SD cards above to their manufacturers.
Please note that sales of the above-mentioned SD card may be discontinued from the manufacturer without prior notice.


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    Smart user interface, smart architecture, and smart functionality is achieved in the new Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ data acquisition and control product series. The Yokogawa SMARTDAC+ GX and GP are fully integrated measurement, display, and recording platforms equipped with an advanced touch screen operator interface. GX series is a panel-mount design, capable of operating in harsh industrial applications and environments. GP is the portable version of the GX, intended for use in lab and test bench applications.

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