eServ - plant maintenance system implements to support maintenance operations with foresight.

It is sound good everywhere. Quick and Easy allows you to best modeled Japanese professional's feature optimizing the CMMS and EAM concept.

eServ Effect

eServ makes difference - some how, some way... Set you free from struggle attempting to complex equipment maintenance operations for failure reduction.
It was developed by knowledges of achievement more than 20 years that supported equipment maintenance fields, and know-how that reviewed and got from 360 sites domestic and overseas and 5,000 users.
eServ implementation equipped with the capabilities that can change on various approach is applicable to all forms that technician wants for. Make difference necessary.


eServ Preventive Maintenance Reform

In many important data on written papers or Excel worksheets collected and accumlated via routines work everyday, history browse became complex and difficult gradually. By utilizing required information like spare parts, figures, and work history, eServ enables prompt response against troubles that occurred on various work places. Thereby, will reduce the production loss and vain efforts that happened from equipment troubles and process lock-down etc.

Moreover, by eServ, preventive maintenance plan can also be made by recording maintenance procedures and check points. And, sustainable plant that required integrity and reliability will be actualized by reforming to strategic and preemptive preventive maintenance from traditional style of breakdown maintenance (MOSMS-000-001-ver1-2007) theory centrism.

eServ Preventive Maintenance Reform


eServ Industry Application

eServ's application area is not limited to industry and business style. It is available for applying to any industries, and also is using even for product's aftercare delivered to customer besides production, medical, computer, or network device equipment.

Present, eServ's markets are increasing applied to pharmaceutical and renewable energy industry (E.g., solar power, wind power, and biomass).

  • Oil industry
  • Oil and Gas' stockpile
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass industry
  • Steel industry
  • Paper industry
  • Metal industry
  • Railroad
  • Automobile
  • Logistics and warehouse
  • Public facility
  • Fiber Material
  • Hospital
  • Resin treatment
  • Medical equipment
  • Water resource and environment
  • Semiconductor
  • Electric equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Engineering service
  • Data center
  • Electric power (thermal and wind power generation, and biomass)
  • Amusement facility Etc.

To find the problem of safety or maintenance correctly, eServ reforms maintenance transactions for improving management quality for maximizing operating-ratio of production equipment. It is not only effective management of equipment maintenance.

Also, eServ cyber power integrating with can provide ERP relationship (including SAP), Accounting system for corporate management, Disaster recovery, Cyber security, Secured SNS posting picture and video in company via mobile device, Reformed-input-interface very easy and feel best, also SCADA or IIoT devices anything. That’s all in one. On the base, below feature is formed for customer benefits.

eServ feature table



Equipped functions group required for maintenance management 

  • Functions group management - required for completion of PDCA cycle in area indispensable for maintenance operations
  • Equipment Ledger Management - Handling maintenance operations request feature
  • Simple - No need master management feature
  • High Flexibility Registered Information Search

Maintenance history statistics analyzer - to actualize "maintenance effects measurement" and "improvement activity"

  • Maintenance effects measurement - to actualize best management
  • Report management  - for completion of PDCA cycle for  maintenance operaitons

Total equipment management

  • Equipment management - for even traceability and arrangement management delivered to customer but not limited to
  • Customize management - can choose management hierarchy structure of utility or equipment for customers

Custom order available

  • E.g. connect to customer system specially to ERP or SAP

Localizing Management

  • Multi Language and Currency support

Report dashboard

  • This feature is output reports and results required for management effects measurement and improvement activity.
  • Drill down function can do from management effects measurement for company managements to analysis which is useful for improvement activity on the fields.

Equipment ledger management

  • Management system of production equipment: 
    - Manage the equipment ledger and equipment specification;
    - User Custom Search View.

Work request management

  • Manage work request information to maintenance division

Failure information management

Schedule and history management

  • Manage maintenance construction schedule and history information - Can be confirmed monthly work schedule from annual schedule list.

Inventory management

  • Inventory management and Parts master management required for repair.

Effective Management

"Formation of strategic investment for maintenance cost", and "long-term stable operations"

In the past, system implementation purpose for which many companies asked once was "maintenance cost reduction".

For example, when long time plant lock-down or the recall happens in maintenance cost reduction, it was humorous. In actual case, damages volumes was so big. Production equipment failure is that cost company big loss money exceeding 100 million JP yen annually.

But now from the lesson, point of view has focused to how to do long term stable safety operation of production facility or utility equipment that is company profit source.
And, implementation as indispensable to the transactions was considered for systematization of maintenance operations. eServ brings up systematization to the maintenance operations for reducing failure rate.


Effective Operation

To improve safe-operating-ratio of production equipment on breakdown maintenance

In customer manufacturing some products by production line of processing assembly system, main activity is breakdown maintenance because failure occurring frequency is high.

This maintenance transaction is addressing theme to raise the safe-operating-ratio by reducing "long time process lock-down" by the failure. When it is possible understanding correctly occurring-circumstances of failure and reducing the recovery time from practical use of past data, it enables reform to preventive maintenance from breakdown maintenance. sServ improves the maintenance operations, and raises the safe-operating-ratio.

To avoid overmuch maintenance on preventive maintenance

In customer manufacturing some products in continuation process system, main activity is the preventive maintenance doing on only constant cycle.

This maintenance transaction tends to become overmuch maintenance, because maintenance constructions and inspections are conducted by regardless of amount of product manufacture, or operating hours.

Cycles and procedures of proper preventive maintenance can be developed by understanding correctly occurring-circumstances of failure and condition of production facility and utility equipment. eServ supports the proper preventive maintenance.

Activity Implementation

Best activity should be doing by each maintenance and manufacture division together through sharing information between both division. But, there was fact that the activity was doing just taken. eServ's Information-exchange communication function promotes the activity as best practice dramatically.

System Requirements

eServ is web application on
Need Only Internet and Browsering PC.  

Cloud Merit

Save money in business and plant safety

No need - Software & hardware cost, and more activities for cyber security, disaster decorvery, system maintenance, version upgrade etc.
You feel be safe for customer support.

A wealth of system resources

Abundant system resources can be used at low cost. They include multi-server operation, availability record beyond 99.95% and ensured response of less than 300 milliseconds per page.

Advanced security

Certified for various security standards (including those of financial institutions). Outstanding information confidentiality even compared with systems with in-house servers.

Efficient system monitoring and operation

Eliminates the work needed for operating the system, such as server maintenance management, making backups and troubleshooting. System management is much more efficient, saving labor.

Latest operating environment at all times

Latest applications can be used anytime.

No need for server upgrades

There is no need to upgrade the server, and no need for version upgrades of the operating system, database software and so on.

Support Browsers

To run eServ, you only need an Internet connection and computers running a Windows operating system (excluding mobile operating systems) and one of the following Web browsers

  • Microsoft™ Internet Explorer™ 11
  • Google Chrome™
  • Mozilla™ Firefox™

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